Actually I'm living in Italy. But I like  move to Berlin.  I'm Sri Lankan  . 22 Years old . If any Sri Lankan friends living in Berlin can help me. 

Hello vimukthi441,

Welcome on board  :)

Please read the Living in Germany guide specially articles concerning visa, formalities and work.

Furthermore, as you are looking for a job, please drop an advert in the Jobs in Berlin section of the website.

For the time being, which visa do you have and what are your qualifications ?

This will help members figure out in which direction they should guide you.

All the best,

I doubt that Sri Lankans are the best source of job leads in Germany. Please also consider other ways!
Do you have a German or EU work permit?
What is your background (education, work experience, industry, etc.)? Have you done research about the job market in German in your field (e.g. which are the major companies and what roles are they hiring for)?
Do you speak German? (If not, study the language first, as you chances are very low without.)

You could try it on a so called Jobbörse (Jobmarket) you can find a lot of jobs. I moved to germany 2 years ago and found my job on #Jozoo , you could take a look of it , you can never know what you can find. Anyway the most import thing is to know german on a good level .
Good luck

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