Not Official, but Uber may come to PR

Apparently the department of transportation has been making changes to the regulations to allow companies like UBER to operate in PR. It is still in the works but likely coming to metro and maybe other areas.

In the past the taxi companies have been fighting it, but look like the department of transportation is in the process of getting it approved. It was a secret but somehow the press got a hold of it and it was made public, they are talking with different agencies to ensure that this type of service comes in smoothly with out severe clashes with other departments and public service. Taxi companies are not very happy. But this will allow more service as the service will be easy to join and maybe there will be more UBER like drivers than taxis in the island.

No word yet if they will institute the demand based pricing which in other cities allows them to charge up to 3 times the regular fair.

Looks likely we'll be getting Uber, glad to hear it. We don't have a taxi service here and traditional taxis are horrible when you can get one elsewhere.

I think it's a great idea!! We spent the last week in Rincon where we may be moving this year or next and my boyfriend isn't phased by the mountain roads and crazy drivers at all.. he's hoping to be able to do some Uber driving if it does come to the island.

A small update, uber was informed of requirements to meet before it can operate … erto-rico/

ReyP :

A small update, uber was informed of requirements to meet before it can operate … erto-rico/

That may complicate things.

There is a meeting tonight about UBER and the word is that it will start in 15 to 30 days. Not sure where but Metro is most likely at least at first.

I was just reading an article that the taxi industry in PR are not too worried about UBER taking to many clients because most of the taxi service is for tourists which are not likely in their mind to use UBER. For some reason they seem to think UBER will not concentrate into tourist areas but elsewhere instead which the taxi service does not cater to.

The article suggest that the main concern is with the value of the taxi medallions which are sold (illigaly) from 25k to 75k today. As an example they mention NY where medallions were for for 1 million and now are selling for 700k.

Tourist company provides the medallions free of charge, drivers sell them to people who want to enter the business for a lot of money. Apparently tourist company has not been issuing the medallion for the last 10 years so they are very valuable to those wanting to get into the taxi busness.

I dont agree with the above since UBER drivers just need a nice car, a driver license and a background check to operate. I see no reason why UBER would not take a good chunk of the tourism specially when they dont need a medallion investment.
We shall see Starting July 11 when the service starts.

I will be in the golf cart division.

frogrock :

I will be in the golf cart division.

For those looking for trills and adventure.

Any more info on Uber in Rincon?

Nope, so far only in Metro area.

i wish they had UberEats here too... that would be nice.

That is a misconception that Uber will take business from Taxis. I actually found that during peak hours Uber is insanely expensive and I always take a taxi. Taxi's are always going to be needed especially when Uber doesnt have a driver available at the time you need, its easy to call a taxi service a schedule a pick up. I find that Uber is only great for short distance and if there are a lot of drivers around. If you are too far away, the Uber driver can cancel your request. It's very frustrating and you have to call for a taxi anyways.

I am not sure how will it work on the rest of the island, even thou public transport is not as reliable, most rides within town are around $1-1.50. 

I can tell you that Uber is very accessible in the California peninsula area. Most contractors in this area use their services rather than rent a car. Most airports have a designated pick up area for apps riders (Uber, Zipcar). I use it for social activities if I don't want to drive.

Well, apparently Uber is already operating and the taxi mafia knows it (link in Spanish - summary: A taxista is suspected of throwing a rock through the back window of a Uber car with two women tourists in the back who were about to depart from Isla Verde to the airport).

I remember once when a taxista dropped off a Swedish family, one of whom was heavily pregnant, in Ocean Park when they wanted to be taken to Isla Verde. In the middle of summer, the taxista assured them that Isla Verde was an easy walk even for a pregnant woman. Luckily, my wife and I spotted them walking down the street and offered them a ride the rest of the way.

My husband and I took a taxi from one side of the airport to another after arriving from a flight. Literally 3 miles. The driver charged us $17 and she was on the phone the whole drive. I wish we could have taken uber!

In the US and apparently in PR Uber charges more during certain hours. I have never taken an Uber ride and to me this change in rate for the same ride is a rip off. But then again I think ..... If I was in a taxi during rush hour, the meter is running while we sit in traffic so it may be fair. Not sure since I have no clue how much the fare changes based on the hours.

Puerto Rican taxi drivers are not considered the most polite or helpful drivers in the world, this is one of several reasons why Uber gets a foothold. Today they are also limited as to where they can pick up someone due to this Taxi / Uber issue, which is not good for the customers.

Ill continue to use taxi if I ever need one.

Whenever we had to take a taxi, we'd always look for the tourist taxis (white with a Garita logo). The fees are fixed, and we've always had good experiences with them.   I believe there's a website where you can verify the fees.

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