Lawn bowling

1. I would like to know if there is a lawn bowling green in Vietnam, particularly Ho Chi Minh area.

2. What would be the interest in this kind of facility.

3. What is the cost of land for around 2000sqm (needs to be a decent location/accessible).

4. Would there be any problems with ownership of land and/or any problems from local authorities.

Hi Darren ( I assumed),

1. Very new. Really really new in Saigon.

2. Since its new, anything can happen.

3. 2,000 sqm at a decent location will cost you a fortune. Let's start with 1,000 USD per sqm.

4. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Vietnam. If you have a company and know "big" people, your company can rent the land for 50 years. But you have to know really big faces.

You can try to rent land for few thousands USD per month to invest in this type of business though.

keeping the lawn in good condition could be expensive.

Thanks for your replies.... it would be an artificial bowling green but I'm not interested if it's going to be difficult regarding ownership and local authorities.

Thanks again

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