Good night sir, my question is very short and simple regarding the naturalization in Brasil. I already sent all the required necessary documents to the police federal two months now, and God so good they just visited my home last week. Now wanted to know how long does it take to be approved? Thanks

Hello you may want to look at the top two Subjects on the top of this page for there is some information that will perhaps help with your question on Naturalization. I apologize for not being of much help.the following links havê information

Hello,Abalansa, have you written the Portuguese language test already?

@ Abalansa:

1. Have you also been visited by FP after obtaining permanency but before application for citizenship?

2. Did the FP ask for a Certificate or consular registration,  "Inscrição Consular", issued by your Embassy or Consulate in Brazil? I saw this once mentioned as a requirement but the FP website does not list such document.

3. Have you taken the language test? If yes, where, and how was it?

Approval should be within one year after filing the application.

Hi, I'd be interested to know if anyone has gone through the process and can give a step by step breakdown from personal experience?

I would also be interested in hearing someones personal account of the process.

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