Moving to AU & pursuing new career (Marine Biology and Ecology)

Hi everyone,

My name is Christina, I am 38, single, no children & I come from Croatia.
I am a conference interpreter (MA Degree in English & German) & would like to change my career I have been pursuing from 2000 and switch to a completely new field i.e. Marine Science - marine biology & ecology.
I am currently considering either commencing my study in Marine Science from scratch, if it is not possible to start from Masters level in the respective field or joining a marine environmental agency/institution/NGO in AU in order to gain new skills, broaden my knowledge, volunteer, do internship etc. in order to make a step closer to pursuing my new career.

I would appreciate any advices/recommendations as to how to proceed, whom to contact etc.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Perhaps contact the marine institutions here in Australia.
Also a Google search may help in find marine teaching colleges.

Dear Stumpy,

thanx for reply, I already contacted James Cook University in QLD, but will expand my search & check some marine institutions as well.
Since I don't have the proper marine education, I somehow feel they will not consider me a serious candidate for work, maybe just for volunteering.
Any idea about domestic marine institutions who accept volunteers?
Thanx in advance,

Try sea world on the Gold Coast Queensland.

will do

Hi csekeres

It's very unique you want to switch from conference interpreting to marine science.

There are plenty of venues where you can volunteer, such as the Australian Institute of Marine Science … ence.html, or Reef Teach … holidays/, et cetera.

There are also plenty of universities here that offer bachelor and master degrees in marine science. I think to do Master you have to have a relevant degree in science.


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