marriage in india need help

my name is lebans. im a dutch citizen.. and my crush is a indian... i met him 2 year before.. now we are in serious relationship. we want to marry.. and i would like to marry in india with his family.. i asked the dutch embassy in india some information about where we marry in india. what papers we need..  they didnt  give more information... so i just want know

1, what papers me my crush need to marry in india?
2, where we can marry and register?

where i can get information about that?

please help


Hi Mansleri,

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I have moved your thread to the India forum since your need for information is about the formalities in India.

Have a look at the Getting married in India article, it should provide you some guidelines.

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If you are in the Netherlands, you should go to the city hall and ask for information.
Also a visit to the website of the IND is a must.

Good luck!

Hi Lebans,

I am a lawyer by profession and i have helped many expats/ foreigners getting married to Indians in the past. Handling a complex case of wedding even these days. So, feel free to write me here *** i will be happy to help :)


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I would recommend that first you visit your crush before marriage, meet his family, friends, lookout for his background and then decide on marriage.

I'm no expert on documents required, but there are ample examples of NRI's who are born and brought out side india have married to Indian nationals, you can get your marriage registered in court of law and that can sometime take some time.

Good day!!

Im Markesh from Phil.
Atty.Leban i would like to ask bout marrying indian in india..
Im a filipina and my bf is indian,
Our relationship is just new, 7 months.
So he want to get marry me in india..
Im planning to visit him maybe on september or october for 2 weeks.
Its my 1st time to go to India.

So we wanted when i get there we marry, if it possible to marry on that particular time?
Can i process all the documents early? So when i depart in New Delhi, everything is ready.. No problem occurs.
What are the requirements?

Thank you.
Kind consideration.



where do you live these days ...?

i live in the north of holland.why?


for me is also the first time..i am very afraid..outside europe to fly alone..i want to go also in october. same time..

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@ mansleri & Markesh

Getting legally married to an Indian in India is a complicated and time consuming process.

One needs to stay in India for over 30 days (minimum) before one can apply for it.
In fact, I heard, not too long ago it used to be a minimum 6 months stay.

Anyway, here's an updated article on the topic. Hope it helps you understand the big picture.
India - legal requirements for marriage

I suggest, both of you (as first time visitor) go to India and spend some time there before taking any important decision.

India is a beautiful country but, at the same time, it could be very stressful and frustrating for many who are not familiar with its diverse, complex and often chaotic ways of life. It's neither SE Asia nor Europe ... and definitely far from those lovely bollywood flicks you watch on silver screen.

So hit the reality on the ground first. Travel with a trusted partner and travel safe!

All the best!

mansleri :

i live in the north of holland.why?

Members, including me, are wondering if you were able to gather the information you need.
It will be much appreciated if you share it here as you opened this thread but since then not respond to the ones who were trying to help you.
And with what you shared you help others as well  :)

No matter is easy to get a marriage Certificate in India , if you are familiar with Indian marriage rules ,  Indian people are very friendly and cooperative  , my brother is a senior advocate ,  yopu may ask for any help  ...


I am hoping you can help me and my fiancé in our marrying under the special marriage act in India? If so may you private message me?  :)

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