salary + cost of living?

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We are a family of three planning to move to Bahrain from New Zealand. One school going child in a year 3 following NZ curriculum.

I have been offered a position with 3000 BHD salary inclusive + medical and return flight home/ per year, .

Any advise, is it a reasonable salary to live in a comfortable lifestyle and any good schools following NZ curriculum?

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I invite you to have a look at the topics on the Cost of living in Bahrain section, you might find some interesting information.


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I think you'll be quite comfortable with that salary here. When you say inclusive, does that mean your housing allowance is included in that? If so, then it will depend a lot on where you choose to live and in what type of accommodation. It can vary widely and is pretty expensive.

Not sure of any schools that will follow the NZ curriculum, but the Multinational School Bahrain follows the aussie curriculum and has quite a few kiwi staff - which is probably about as close as you'll get ;)

Hi Vikpaw,

Thanks for your reply,

Yes, accommodation allowance is inclusive in the salary. I'm hoping to spend around 700BD for an apartment in a nicer area?


Hi Sammy,

Kindly go through the below mentioned links  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 07#2522261 : cost of living area wise

This should give you an idea about the cost area wise, i would also recommend that you come down first go around see the places for yourself and then decide on which would be a suitable area for you.


I think this is a good offer in Bahrain and will be quite enough for living and some savings.
Juffair is nice area for living and you'll find a good flat with much facilities with this budget and it's very near from Multinational School which is the nearest curriculum to yours..
I hope it's useful...

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