PV solar and net metering

Is there such a thing as net metering in Belize? That is where someone with solar collectors contributes excess power the grid and then takes back what they need from the grid when solar is not providing power.

"Unfortunately as yet that is not available in Belize" When we had a mains connection to our Solar powered house we asked that question and  that was our reply. There is a large switch installed that changes from one power to the other. My son nicknamed it the frankenstien switch as it looks like a movie prop.

Many thanks Terrific

Looking for insight into smart meters as well for a friend who is working on solar for a local school. If anyone has any answers or knows about solar power in Belize would be interested to make contact.

We used Pro Solar  in Belmopan they are very good and can probably answer all your Questions.
Marco did all his training in the USA and is a complete professional. When a part on our system failed they came out and replaced the part under the Guarantee no quibble, and absolutely no cost to us.

By exoerience in Mexico, solar still remain an expensive idea.
First to find the technicians, then the repair and most parts cannot be repaired locally, so there is a need to purchase new ones, batteries.  After five years, in this climate, they need to be replaced. All is at high cost.

Well If you say it will need replacement batteries every 5 years when the original batteries  die, it will still probably have cost a lot less than Mains power in that period over time  solar is not expensive but the problem is costs are all up front.  My set up Cost $12000 in total  Installation, and all equipment and Batteries.  We've had it two years,  the provider is 10 minutes away, and the time we had a problem fixed it all in half a day at no charge. Had I been purely Mains power my bills would have been about $240  (Based on  my house size and a friends similar  mains only house)  a month so I've already got over half of  the cost, $5760 back .if in 3 years time I need new batteries by then I will already have recouped my whole outlay and still only be replacing one element of the system. So not more expensive than mains power over all.

That sounds nice and better than my experience.
Different place for sure.

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