Getting Bahrain Medical License as Doctor

Thank you very much for your value response.
I wrote them in a kind way that i can't come without my license is approved by nhra. They didn't reply me yet, i hope they understand

Hello again!
Do you have any information about the interview with NHRA? My employe told me that i need to do an interview with the nhra?

I dont have any information about interview.. all i know is that nhra only requires an applicant for examination and other documents required to send to them.

My employer send the document in the begining of january. And they respond this week that i need to do an interview with them. I didn't really understand your answer, what does it mean "requires an applicant for the examination"

The nhra is a licensing body here in bahrain  the one giving license.u have to apply for license to nhra thru ur employer..  without employer u cannot apply for nhra licensing... yes of course u will have ab interview with the employer if u will apply with them..

I don't think any interview is there .

Usually it's an exam that you gotta pass .

And then you're licensed to work in Bahrain . Not sure about the process but if your employer is really a healthcare institution they should know what is what .

Becareful maybe someone's tryin' to rip you off :D

@Ammad Javed
Thank you very much for your information..
I wanna work in Saudi Arabia as a doctor...does anyone know the procedures?
If yes,please share it in detail...i'll be very glad to know it..
May God Bless you all...
Thanks :-)

I too need this info. But I think we have to be there in person for the exam.

Thank you for this info . I tweeted nhra and they told the coming up licensing exam is on may but  I want to find out whether it's mandatory to apply for exam via emplower or we can do it by ourselves. 
If it's mandatory to apply via an employer , can you please tell me how to find an employer or hospital in bahrain.

Hey doc

Sorry to bother ..

My question is that if i have valid saudi licence .. does it work in Bahrain or i have to appear in exams ..

Do reply.

Hey doc

What if i have valid saudi practicing  license ..

Does it work in Bahrain or i have to appear in exams ,??

Do reply


I believe it is mandatory to take the exam in Bahrain.


And I don't think the Saudi licence works in bahrain . Please directly , you can contact to  NHRA

So i am in bahrain. I have a saudi ID. Where should i go first to know the procedure

Well, interview means they just ask your details while submitting your application. Right now the system has changed, it is data flow. I  am not sure about data flow thing. Anyway, if u go and ask in NHRA, Bharain, You get a clear picture.

Can you tell me the adress of the Nhra. I asked some friends and they said that it's all about finding a job first so i do not know what to do. Visit clinics asking for job or visit NHRA!

Ok i did dataflow in ksa. But should i apply alone or i need an employer.

A job offer is mandatory to get licence in Bahrain. Nhra office is at Seef. If you have a job offer, ur employer will do, the rest of the things. U need to submit ur latest medical, experience certificates, job certificate, Nhra forms, photos etc with a prescribed fee to Nhra. If you do not have  a job offer, there is no point in visiting them. The system has changed, as i said before. Find a job first, do not mind the salary. Once you get your licence and experience, change the place of work, thats all.

Thank you for your answer. I just can't find a job offer :-((

Is it simple to change the place after the sponsor will accept?

No. If he really wants to employ u. It will not be easy.

See, each country has it's own licencing system. If you have a soudi licene , it is an added advantage. But, Bhahrain has a unique way of licencing the professional. They are updating the procedures and protocol day by day. Better find a job offer as soon as possible. Changing the work place is not that easy here, even if you completed the contract period, you need to obtain, no objection certificate from your ex employer. It is crucial to report the nhra that , you changed your place of work. Then they will provide you, another ID.  However, that is a different case. Your case is to find a job. Check or other sites, go to clinics and hospitals searching a job, hope this will help you.

I have 2 job offers. The one that is interesting me the procedure will take time. The second job offer they are ready to start the procedure. So i am thinking that maby i can accept the second one get my medical license then chenge to the firt one if they will call me back

yes, the important thing for a beginner is, to obtain a licence to work. After the contract period, u have experience, and so u can switch to other hospitals or clinics. Best of luck.

Please i can't do my data flow they ask me to 'map the document type' is there any one with more informations

Asalamualaikum sir i am a doctor have done my MBBS from karachi Pakistan in 2011 n housejob in 2012 (august).I am sorry the details  could be too lengthy but i really need help.i have done practice from 2012(Nov) till 2013.then got married n came herw in Bahrain due to some issues( personal) couldnt work on license.then i get back to Pak on oct 2016 joined  hosp for experience but had to get back due to my son severe illness in dec 2016.Now i am kind  of frustrated and unable to see my future here which make me cry.Can you help in this regard that what should i do to persue.m just wasted.plz do reply.

Just try to get an offer letter for job from somewhere even if they do not offer u real job. All u need an offer letter. Then submit an application to nhra. The details are on their website. I am pretty hopeful that u will be allowed to sit in exam. Once u have passed it u shall have many job offers.
Also if u want to proceed ur carrier try to do MRCP. But with kids it's a difficult task

everything ok now?

Hey i m a pharmacist n expatriate here in bahriain i want to ask u that is it necessary to give a test of nhra for job ? N how much experience is required for licencing exam in bahrain ????

Well a lot has been changed since I gave the exam. Kindly visit NHRA site. All the details are available there. Basically u need a job offer letter. Exam can be exempted if u have experience of certain number of years.

Thank you doctor. 
Thank  you very much for such a first hand information.

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