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I just checked it twice for pricing. Over $450 for a one stop from Miami to San Juan. On internet, spirit air was $148 no stops.    What site is Ex
pat using that is so expensive?

Diane, when we came over in 2014 , we used Southwest out of Orlando and the price was not too bad one way. Check them out.  They do fly into San Juan. Unfortunately, they don't fly into Aguadilla (BQN) which is the closest airport to Rincon, where you mentioned on another post that you wanted to go.

Good luck in your travels and your move.

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Direct from Orlando would be great. I don't want to have to change planes, especially if I move there with my little dog.  I will check it out. Thanks.

I would check the airfares daily for Miami as well as other city airports close by. Don't limit yourself to the major airports if ticket price is your highest concern. Because of the zika virus the airlines are experiencing cancellations. Currently round trip tickets from Philadelphia to San Juan are running in the 365-400 range. The best way to search for tickets is to use Currently American Airlines has a flight for $190, round trip from Orlando to SJU.

$148 from Miami. Not sure when I would go, as I have yet to get there to see if I want to move.

Brought two small dogs here on American for about 100 ea. But had to get health certs for both

Thanks. I have already checked into flying my small dog.

Southwest Air usually has some good prices but they don't come up in flight search websites like Travelocity, etc., you need to check their flights directly on their website.  They also don't fly animals, at least they didn't when we moved here in August.

Southwest Air takes our service dog in the cabin all the time.  Required by federal law.

Thanks, but I don't think I will move to PR.  I miss my doggie already and cant wait to get back home to her.

Sorry to hear PR did not agree with you.
Now you know and stretch it from the bucket list.

I know this is an older topic. Our airfare from Atlanta would have been 730  for 2. However if we drive to Tampa (6 hours) our airfare was only 436 for both of us. That is on Southwest with 2 bags ech free. From what I have read  on their website they do all small pets in the cabin for 125. They do not fly them as cargo.

Airfare 436 one night hotel and 14 nights parking at Hyatt Place Tampa 130 tank of gas 30 total   about 600

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