Extending visit past 90 days ( again? )


When I last toured Nicaragua I paid for a 90 day extension (a visit of 180 total days).

Is that a once per lifetime event?

When I re-enter from Costa Rica with a new passport stamp, am I allowed to once again request and be granted 90 additional days? Is another visit of 180 days possible?


I know many people that have been living in Nica for years extending there visits by bouncing back a forth between costa rica and Nica

You may apply for an extension once at your 90 day mark, but then you must leave the country at the 180 day mark. Upon return you can apply for an extension again in 90 days, but then you must leave again at the 180 day mark and so on and so forth.

There is no limit to how many times you can do this, however,  it should be noted that you are "applying" for the extension, there is no guarantee you will be granted one.

Depending on where you're living a border crossing to Costa Rica, is in my opinion, easier. It's also cheaper.

Simply to add that you can enter Costa Rica..turn around and come back into Nicaragua.. You are not required to stay out for any particular length of time.

Thanks for adding this very important point that I forgot to include in my reply. I can confirm that there is no required amount of time one must be out of the country. One time my husband and I were literally in Costa Rica for just 3 minutes.

yes . as many times as you want

or just go another country for 6 hours and come back.  that gives you another 90 days.

you can do that forever

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