Shipping packages to Nicaragua

I have read about some shipping services that will ship individual packages from purchases in the USA to Nicaragua.  The websites say that they will deliver to your home but I think that applies if you are in a larger city area.  Does anyone use such a service if you live in a less populated area not close to Managua or a large city?  Do any services allow pickup of packages in Rivas in Southern Nicaragua?  Or will they hold a package in Managua until you can pick it up?

I don't know what you specific problem is;e.g., size of package, value, content etc....Many companies are not shipping to Nicaragua now. I have not been able to find out why. Some who shipped previously no longer ship. If you live here you should get a postal box wherever you live. This helps. IAmazon no longer ships. I had a long conversation with them last week as to why and got no answer...because of course I was talking to someone in a call center. I have often received packages through the postal service with no problem. I believe that when they receive the package they make a determination as to value and content and may put it through Customs in which case you have to go there and fight that battle. E Bay does least I believe they do. I am trying that just now and it seems that it will work. PO box in Miami or Costa Rica...someone bringing the item in...I'm looking. If you find anything will be interested

We are building a house by the coast, west of Rivas.  We currently have some household items that  we would like to ship from the USA that are a bit heavy or bulky to bring in luggage.  We currently live in Costa Rica but plan to move to Nicaragua in the future. Thus, we will also need a long term solution for receiving mail and packages.   (In CR we have a Mail Boxes Etc store nearby and use a Miami address for USA mail.)

Perhaps you can get something in Liberia...very close and accessible by car or bus. Bringing large items across into Nica is easy...everything is negociable...much smoother than CR. I have lived in Nica for 17 years...Never had a problem on the border. Lived in CR before that. I live in Masatepe.

I have talked to someone in Nicaragua that uses NicaBox / TransExpress.  He uses a plan with NicaBox that is not listed on their websites - it appears best to deal directly with the local offices for this information.  You can get a USA mailbox and receive letters and packages for pickup in Managua or Rivas (for an extra fee).  Prices seem reasonable. 

I have also been looking at the website for  They scan the cover of your mail and post it online for the recipient to look at and decide to have it forwarded, stored for bulk mailing, or discarded.  They can also scan the contents of a piece of mail and email the data for $10.  But they use DHL for delivery, so shipping and mail costs can be rather high.  They list Nica as a country that they service, but I have not talked to anyone that uses it there.  But I have seen recommendations for their service in Costa Rica.

Why many companies won’t ship packages to Nicaragua?
1.  Thievery is rampant from the minute the package enters Nic.
2.  The address system here won’t interface with the shippers computer software.

Just reporting from my personal experiences.

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