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hi every one
i have a question
i am not retired and i cant invest, i just want to know is any visa exist for skills worker or professional ,
i am an Architect i have 2 university degree ,i just want to know can i apply for a visa residency?

Here is the article, in Spanish, from Nicaragua's immigration ministry, along with a Google translate

Trabajadores Migrantes
Martes, 27 de mayo de 2014
Formulario de Permiso Laboral
Fotocopia de la Hoja de Biodatos y páginas ocupadas del Pasaporte o Documento con que ingresó al país
Solicitud escrita del Representante Legal de la Empresa u Organismo dirigida a la Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería, donde se plantee la labor que el extranjero realizará en la Empresa u Organismo y el tiempo de estadía solicitado, compromiso de asumir la subsistencia de la persona trabajadora extranjera durante su permanencia, la salida del país al vencimiento del permiso y notificar a la Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería la terminación de la relación laboral, quien a su vez informará al Ministerio del Trabajo.
Copia certificada Notarialmente del Testimonio del Acta de Constitución de la Empresa y acreditación del representante legal, extendido por Notario.
Contrato Individual de Trabajo certificado por el Ministerio del Trabajo.
Constancia de cumplimiento del artículo 14 del Código del Trabajo expedida por el Ministerio del Trabajo
Pago de Tasas por servicios migratorios.

Migrant Workers
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Work Permit Form
Photocopy of the biodata and occupied pages of the passport or document that entered the country
Written legal representative of the company or organization addressed to the Directorate General of Immigration, where the work is contended that foreign held in the company or organization and the time spent requested commitment to assume the subsistence of the worker request foreign during their stay, leaving the country the expiration of the permit and notify the Directorate General of Immigration termination of the employment relationship, who in turn report to the Ministry of Labour.
Notarized copy of the testimony of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company and the legal representative accreditation issued by Notary.
Individual employment contract certified by the Labor Ministry.
Evidence of compliance with Article 14 of the Labour Code issued by the Ministry of Labour
Payment of Fees for immigration services.


I had read that we re now allowed to get residency in Nicaragua with the purchase of a CD (Certificate of Deposit, or Certificados Deposito). Do you know what are the conditions (amount, terms, etc) ?


Residency through Savings in Nicaragua.

A new option to obtain residency in now available.

According the law 691 – Immigration law of Nicaragua – foreigners can apply and obtain residency as Foreign Investor.

To be consider a Foreign Investor it is mandatory to run a business in Nicaragua and invest in the country thirty thousand dollars as a minimum. I explained these topic here: … 6198561406

The law also states the possibility to obtain the approval from Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce (MIFIC) to anybody who invest money in Nicaragua through Certificate of Deposit in any Nicaraguan Bank; which will produce an interest rate.

This is an extraordinary way to apply and obtain residency using savings as support. Recently I was informed (May, 2016) Immigration granted a residency to someone who applied using this path. This is the first time ever, somebody apply using a bank certificate of deposit.

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