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Need Suggestion about Lung Scars

Can any one please give me suggestion am in a big confusion. Actually i had applied for job in Dubai and i am done with interviews and all other stuff till this was good but when i came for medical purpose  there arises a problem and that was a scar in lungs (Which is of phenomena). Doctors had said that it is old scars and it will not go and it wont effect my health too.I came to hear that if they found scars then they will deport you back to Nepal.So please anyone there who can help me to get out from this stuff. Should i apply or should i back out please................... Serously i need this job. :sosad:

What I heard is, they will deport you if the lungs scar is of TB. Since it's not, there are hopes for you. Best of luck  :top:

Thanks shanafashyaana  :) Lets hope ani should i try once it means. Finger cross :proud

chweatkali :

Thanks shanafashyaana  :) Lets hope ani should i try once it means. Finger cross :proud

You are welcome :) Be optimistic and give a try. It's far better than loosing your dream job by being a cynic. :top:


I had my medical while in the UAE, I was called back because they found spots on my lungs during first medical, had to go back to the hospital and do a second medical. It's just to ensure you don't have TB. It can delay your visa a little bit. But don't worry.

ooo thank you


you can find new information  about medical examination. Good luck!!!hope you can pass exam … 5-1.622247

Old TB scars are given visas. Read this Article


Thank you windealer thanks a lot :)

Old TB law has changed for all but not for seeking work visa. Clear discrimination,  it means person seeking work visa can spread TB even with scars but others with active TB cannot. … eportation

To chweatkali

May i know the result of you medical? Did u succeed in getting ur visa? Thanks

Did u suceed landing the job?

sir, i also have the same issue. i dont have any history of treatment, symptoms or medical examination regardig this but i have a scar.what options do i have to be a nurse in dubai? and what requirements do i have to pass to prove I dont have active TB or other pulmunary illness? thank you.

hi, may i ask what happened on your application? im experiencing the same problem. thank you.

Are u in uae already?

what happened?

I just want to ask if its possible to go back in dubai? because im ban for scars last 2013 and i want to go back in uae as tourist?

Use food supplements along with the medication, it helps a lot. If you are confusing which supplements is good ask me, I'll share my experience.  Whats app ****

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Hi! I just want to ask! What kind od medicine you take? Because i've same problem with  right apex lungs.
Thank you

they change the rule now for Lung Scar in UAE..

hope the news link below helps … for-expats … eportation

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