Advice on joining KSU in Riyadh as ESL Teacher! Help!

Hello everyone!

I've been offered a job at KSU in Riyadh and really need some advice from female teachers out there.  It is via a contractor they use and I'd love to hear from teachers currently out there or who have worked there.

My prime concerns are do I get to keep my password? will I get a multi-entry visa? are they easy to get?

What are the PYP classes like? any info would be much appreciated

Thank you

Hi Madbrad!

I am currently working in Riyadh teaching ESL. I'm not at KSU but as far as I'm aware the teaching it self can vary from place to place. I know people based at KSU and PNU who say it can be a lot of work but if you enjoy teaching then hey why not!

With regards to the passport and multi exit re-entry it all depends on your sponsor company that are hiring you or the university if it is direct hire. Again, they all differ from place to place.

Most companies will offer the multi visa and it is actually against Saudi labour law now for any employer to hold your passport.

I hope that has helped.


Thank you Ayesha!

I've actually been told that i get a single entry but once my Iqama comes through (I think they'll keep my passport for this duration?) I can then pay myself and apply for the multi entry..not sure how true this is but I want it in writing!!

Also would you happen to know about notice periods on contracts? are they like in the UK one month?

Thanks again

Hi Madbrad,
I know someone working at PNU, if you need any information related to it, I can help.

Thank you! It's KSU that I'm more interested in


When you arrive they usually take your passport to then apply for your iqama and this can take anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on time of the year.

After that you should then get your iqama AND you passport back as this is your property. I worked here last year for different company and they were aweful, I wasnt given my passport or even a single exit re-entry the whole year!!

However this year, alhumdolilah I have a much better company who gave me multi-reentry with no questions!

My advice to you would be to ask them to either include it in your contract or have it confirmed in an email of some sort prior to your arrival in ksa.

Have you got the job here then and will you be joining us soon?

Thank you so much! I have been offered a job, however need to do some research, receive official contract and get some FAQ's answered and if all goes well hopefully I'll be there!

Sounds good!

In sha Allah it all goes to plan for you! My advice is to go to the visa office asap and start the checks now. They've added more checks from when I previously came out.

You now have to have your degree and masters attested and also undergo and ACRO police check. The police check you do online yourself but it may be worth asking the visa office to start the certificate attestation now prior to your visa application. It just makes the whole process smoother and quicker for you.

Any other questions just shoot!

Good luck and let me know when you arrive :) we could organize something!


Thank you! will keep you posted! and yesss to a meet up in Riyadh!

Do worry and welcome to Riyadh

KSU does not provide multiple visa. Even if they give you your passport it is useless as you need to have an exit and reentry visa which is issued only single.
I have heard only one university which provides multiple exit reentry visa in Dammam.
KSU is a good university, you might be happy probably. But it is a government university. Things might be slow over there.
Are you a Phd?
KSU contract used to be not clear and the evil used to be in details... At least in my case. There are many issues you learn within a year. These issues would not cause me change my decision to be with KSU but I felt cheated anyway.

Thank you for your feedback realfree! although it's scary to hear that! I'm keeping an open mind!

Are you working for ICEAT?

Hi angsta

yes the job is through ICEAT, any advice??!  gimme positivityyyyyy!

As far as I know they supply single entry visas as per the breaks at Eid and in January and March. I worked for them at a different location but that wasn't a KSU position. KSU is different.

Check out Daves esl cafe forum if you don't get the information you need here.


Don't worry! I am with Al Hussan and I am working at KSU (PYP). I arrived mid October. Honestly, no need to worry about your passport, etc. They will need it for a short time but you'll definitely get it back :) I applied for a multi entry visa and I received it within 2 weeks I believe. They deducted 500 SAR from my salary. All went pretty smooth in my case but give yourself a month or so to get it all sorted. ICEAT is a decent company by the way, people say it's the best actually.

I found it bit challenging at first, it's full on! We gotta get up pretty early and it's an 8 hour shift so you will feel exhausted the first couple of weeks for sure but -as with everything- you'll get used to it ✌️

Thank you! How was your experience? ?

You will be treated depending on your nationality or your passport in KSA. So, I wonder what is your passport Milishka?

Milishka? well I'm British...I guess race is also how you're treated out there sadly, from what I hear...

British. I don't see why you'd be treated differently..? Most girls/ladies working here are UK/US citizens. How about you?

I am from Turkey. I was treated also okay, comparatively speaking. But, please look around you and interview some other teachers, professors working at KSU.
I was working for a different college within KSU but although I asked several times, paid 500 riyals to get multiple exit reentry I was not successful. Not only me but also anyone able to get multiple visas.
Even I raised the issue with the department chair and he tried his best with the KSU but  was not successful.
I hope everyone who requests multiple visas can get one and if there is any bad intended person KSA will find a way to punish the person only.

No, not at work, that's for sure. I remember freaking our myself but really don't, that is all I can say.

I haven't heard of anyone who was denied multi entry here at KSU (female campus).

Thank you Miliksha...that's really nice to hear! I truly believe it's about your attitude and the goals you're going there to achieve...way too much bad press about Saudi out there! I'm sick of reading about it....

You hear all sorts don't you!

It has been challenging for me, I won't lie! But I don't regret coming here :)
Ask away, I know what you're going through as I myself have been there.
But in all honesty, it's really not that bad!

You're a star Milishka! Thank you!

Cool, no worries

Hi All
Does anyone work with Al Hussan? I've been offered a job with them at KSU and am hoping someone can share their experience with them. Are they reliable? Are they straightforward and honest? Are there any issues with pay? What about the accommodation? I'm currently with another company in KSA and they are bullies and liars and practice intimidation on a regular basis. I don't want to go to another company that has similar ethics!
Thanks in advance

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