Final exit visa for dependents they are already outside kingdom

Hi folks,

My family is outside the kingdom in exit-reentry visa. what is the process for do final exit??
how much amount do i need to pay as per newly introduced dependent fee??


The rule for dependent fee is that you have to pay everyone under your Iqama; no matter they are inside or outside of Kingdom.

The payment is already due and has to be paid in advance till your next Iqama expiry date. Two conditions where you must pay are either at renewal of your Iqama or issuing exit re-entry for your any dependent; whatever comes first.

In your case you don't have to pay on their return. They can return safely. After their return, both above conditions applies on you.

If you want to pay full fees now, you can. Go inside your bank online account and proceed with the payment, you will get the exact amount to pay.

And if you are thinking that since family is out of country and you could skip their full or partial fees, then it's not correct. You have to pay full year fee for every dependent under your Iqama.

Hope it clarifies.

Hi Khurram,

Thanks for reply...
my concern is final exit for final exit did i need to pay till final exit date or till Iqama expiry.

According to my knowledge:

- Final exit visa allows you leave the country within 60 days of issuance date.
- You have to pay till the next 60 days of final exit visa issuance date.
- For example, if you want to issue the visa today (1st August 2017), you first have to pay the dependable fees till 30th September 2017. You can convert it to hijri date and better to add a margin of 1-2 days due to how hijri calendar works.

Thank you very much Khurram  :top:

and you have to surrender their Iqama for cancellation.

Hi Guys,
Quick info is required as per present rules and regulations.

My family is out of KSA now on valid exit-re-entry and I wanna issue final exit. The iqama and medical insurance is valid till May 2018 & available in KSA with me. I have paid the dependent fees till May 2018.

Is it possible to issue a final exit for family if they are out of KSA? If so, is there any issues in case they need to re-enter after few months. Is there any concerns while I leave KSA on final exit?

Very much Appreciable if there is a quick response.


Allain12 :

and you have to surrender their Iqama for cancellation.

There’s no need for this. It’s cancelled in the system !!

I got the information from Mr. Steve in one of the discussions.

1. Family need not be inside kingdom when issuing final exit for them (provided they are on valid exit-reentry, dependent fees paid, valid iqama)
2. There will be no issue to my final exit process as my exit will be processed by company while I am inside kingdom

Thanks guys and specially Mr. Steve for his great contribution to clear the doubts.

i paid dependent fees till sept 2018 for my wife.
she went on exit re entry, 14th dec 2018 is last date to enter in kingdom..
iqama is valid till sept 2018.

she cannot travel due to some reasons.
I'm unable to  extend exit re entry visa..

i decided to cancel the iqama (final exit) for my wife..

please tell me the procedure / requirements / fines.
also provide your contact details if you don't mind. it would be great help.



You can inform your employer and they will take care in issuing final exit for family.
Because in my case too, I just informed to employer and they said, they will issue final exit after one month from expiry of exit re-entry i.e. my family exit/re-entry expires on 15th Jan 2018 and employer will issue final exit on 15th Feb 2018.

Hope this helps you.


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