Crying out for native speaking English teachers.


I'm new to the forum but I've been living in Milan for 6 years. In that time I've been working as an English teacher in various different places. I just want to say that there are tons of opportunities here for mother tongue English teachers. The two language schools I work for are having enormous difficulties finding them. I have in fact just posted an ad in the jobs section if anyone is interested. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible if this interests you,



Hello Erberderber

Thank you for sharing this information with us!

Could you please share the link of your advert in the Jobs section, here on the forum itself?

Thank you


I posted the ad yesterday but I haven't seen it in the job section yet.

It will be online as soon as it is reviewed by Team :top:

Here's the link … milan.html

Thx for the information Tim.
My name is Sophie and I am looking for Italians to write with. I am Belgian. English and French are languages I do speak, write and read very well.
Any idea if any of your acquaintances would like to become my "pen" friend. As a matter of fact, I am learning Italian 😉.

Thx for your reply.
Have a good day,

Hello Madelfie and welcome on board

Could you please create a new thread about your query? As you are off topic on this particular thread.

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Hello there,

I am moving to Le Marche in June/July and am interested. Any details?


Thanks for the reply.  I am in the Milan area and there is a serious shortage here.  I can't pass you on to any places in Marche unfortunately because I don't know the area.  However, I can't imagine you will have difficulty finding work there.  Being a native speaker is like having a golden ticket here in Italy.



Hi Tim,
My name is Joan and i would like to know what are the qualifications you are looking in the person you would want to be in your team. I would be very grateful if you would let me know.
Thank you very much


Thank you all for your interest,

I must stress that the teaching positions for next week are for mother tongue English teachers. By this we mean people who were born and raised in countries where English is the first language by parents whose first language is English. They have to have been educated in English and have a degree from a univerisity where English is the first language. This is absolutely imperative.  Our clients will not accept anyone who does not fit this description.  A TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) qualification is also preferred.  The courses starting next week are preparation for the Cambridge First certificate, so knowledge of this is also required.

For non mother tongue English teachers, I can help with contacts but this will not guarantee work at the schools because they specifically state that only native speakers of English will be considered for the positions currently available.

Thanks for your answer. Sorry but I am rather new here.
How and where do I have to repost my comment.

Have a good day,

Hi Tim,
Thank you for your post, I'm so happy to hear this! Are you in Milan or in the suburbs? Are you able to work full time and support yourself? I have a teaching degree in both Italian and ESL and would like to love back to Itsly in the next year or so.

Hello Tim,

Thanks for the information. I will look around in Urbino when we are settled. Many thanks.

My wife is Italian, but has lived for 40 years in Britain, she has a uk honours degree which includes TEFL and is fluent in English as well as Italian.
We have a home in Camaiore  (Lu) and will be living there permanently from early July 2016. Do you know is there are and teaching vacancies in our area (Viareggio or possibly Pisa)?
John Mudd *

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Hi Mudd, I don't know the Viareggio area unfortunately, but it would be worth checking out any language centres in the area now and contacting them to see if there are any positions available from July onwards. All the best, Tim.

I will email with you in Italian, Sophie!

I'm a 68 yrs old Veteran who is thinking about moving to Italy. I don't have a teaching degree but L know I could teach English.

Hi Valerie:

I used to live in Le Marche (AscoliPiceno) and there are several schools there and I would imagine that they too will have needs. I taught for a time when I was there but found that teaching English was not my cup of tea. 

Speaking of which, most schools teach British English, so it was a bit odd for me to get used to sentence structure that was taught that in some cases sounded "off" to my American ear!  For example: "DId you go to dinner with your friends last night?" "No, I couldn't have done."

Good Luck-where will you be living?

Hello Alesmom,

Thank you for the information. We are house hunting in March/April so dont know just yet exactly where we will be. We are homeless lol

Well, I would check out Ascoli for sure!  There is a growing group of ex pats living there, including our good friends Larry & Arlene.  They have a blog called should check it out and get in touch with them!

Greetings Milan, im looking to relocate to Europe. . I am English speaking and I would love to help in anyway I could .Are there any jobs in Milan for English speaking Americans .

But I hear the pay is miserable....

Hey Sophie.  I would love to be your pen friend.  I am moving to Le Marche in April and dont know a soul.

Hi Tim,

This is a very useful information. I am planning to move to Turin this summer, and although I have family there, I am slightly uneasy regarding work. Although I am not a Native Speaker, I have lived in London for the past 17 years and taught ESOL, Maths and ICT(Secondary and Further Education). Currently working with KS4. My accent is very close to South-East London, and unless you were a Brit, you would not be able to recognise the difference. However, my question to you would be in term of my employment possibilities: Taking into account the above, plus my Italian is fluent, what are my chances to a successful job hunt in the Turin/Milan region?


valeriegster :

Hey Sophie.  I would love to be your pen friend.  I am moving to Le Marche in April and dont know a soul.


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I'm wondering if you're still in need of native English speakers. If so contact me for more details please, ***

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Is this position still available? I am a native English speaker, and lived in Milan for 6 weeks in 2012, while attending school for my career in hair. I have basic Italian speaking skills, but I was born and raised in the US. What are the hours required, compensation, and housing situations? I can easily obtain a TEFL certification. I remember the area fairly decent, and lived off of Via Carducci close to Bar Magenta. I would love to come back to live and work.

Hello all

Here is the advert of Tim ( who created this thread ) about this job proposal. Hope they are still recruiting :

> Native English Speakers Urgently needed Near Milan

Best of luck to all those interested in that position.


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