New members of the Switzerland forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Switzerland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Switzerland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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iam dawfeeq nooraldeen
agronomist , worke with agricultural business and investment ,
interesting wit all the world Africa , meddle east south America
iam looking for work at buchs or Vaduz area
dawfeeq nooraldeen

Hi there,

I'm French, from Lyon, and found a new position in a company working for pharma industry in Geneva.
The job is going very well but the flat hunting took the dimension of an epic quest, with tons of hesitations between the various place around Geneva, Swiss side and French side.
Looking forward to read the posts and experiences of other members here.

Kind regards

Hello everyone, I'm Manuel
I live in Basel, work as a Ballet dancer at the opera house in Zurich.
I'm french, originally from Guadeloupe in the caribbean.
All the best to all,

Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. I'm a South African looking into emigrating to Switzerland. I am 38 years old, single with no dependents. I am a metallurgist by profession and have been working as a project manager for various organizations.

Please, only introductions here! If you have a question, please search the forum or start a new topic for better results.  Please refer to the Switzerland Forum Code of Conduct.  Thank you.

Romaniac Experts Team

Oh I apologize for that Romaniac.A bit too excited to communicate.Thanks for the heads up, cheers. :)


I'm Morgana, from Brazil and now i'm living in Geneva because my husband is working here and i would like to make some friendships, and find a job too!!! I arrived here about 2 weeks and i'm enjoyng the city.

kisses everybody!!

Hello there.
I am Dinesh from Malaysia. Currently working as a junior doctor in Malaysian hospital. I am very keen to work in Switerland to establish myself. Could someone please guide me with this? I dont have any other means to get information. I hope the good people here guide me please. I am very young and have no where to go.  My childhood dream is to work as a doctor and i want to be the best in it. I need to some how work in an european country. Willing to slough the 70-80 hours per week work as i can achieve my dream. Please some one . Help me here please. My email is **Please help and i pray jesus bless you for helping a fellow colleague . Thank you.

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Hi all we are couple chef  from Lebanon expert in setting up pastry shop and coffee shop including laboratory kitchen for pastry and chocolate
We are planning to open a company in Switzerland and rent a coffee shop and pastry to start showing what we have as products since we are professional in this field starting from croissant .petit fours. Ice cream .chocolate bonbon traditional french bread .traditional and modern french pastry . Maccaron etc..and some traditional arabic sweets .konafa . Namoura . Sfouf . Maamoul . Katayef . Maacaroon . Mchabbak.halawet el jebn etcc..

Anyone willing to share us our idea or to leading us to the right way in switzerland for getting permanent residence cause we are willing to do franchise to our concept worldwide that attract worldwide customer and can be profitable business to our partners

Hi all,  we are the Moll family.  We have a 13 year old daughter Chloe.  We moved to Switzerland from Port Elizabeth in July 2016.  We moved  to Weggis in the canton of Lucerne. We would like to meet other families in the areas of Zug and Lucerne.  We are contactable on this site or deirdre my wife.. greetings piet

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Hi , I'm Stephen from South Africa.  I work in aviation at Belp airport.
Looking to meet other South Africans in the area.

Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. I'm Ethiopian living in Switzerland since 4 years. I am 33 years old, single with no dependents. I am GP, Public health and human right expert by profession and have been working as a medical director, project coordinator for various organizations and lecturer in Medical Universities back home. I speak five languages and I'm currently in HUG.

Hi my name is Jen from USA and now living in Burglen area. I'm 39 years old and married. Love to meet some friends. Am in the process of learning German.

Hi there, I am Daria from Latvia. Currently living and working in Cambridge, UK. I am a Laboratory Assistant working in DNA sequencing department.  Looking for a job in biotech/pharma in Switzerland to progress in my career. I have never been to Switzerland, but I read about it and I hope to move there as soon as possible!


Best of luck Daria! :)

Hi to everyone. I'm a French-salvadorean guy, single parent and living in Zurich area. I would like to meet some new people for friends, who speaks Spanish, English or French or German ( still learning ).

hello every one i am an Ethiopian. I am also living in Ethiopia but in the future i want to be live in Switzerland if i get a job or a chance to live over there.So i am looking for a person who can contact me for further processing.       

Thank you


My name is Sylvia and I am in Zurich for my internship. I am 22 years old and almost done with my study economics.

I can speak  german, english, dutch and hungarian.

I am new in Zurich and unfortunately I do not know a single person in Zurich.

I would love to meet new people and have a lovely time!

Please feel free to contact me :)


My name is Michele and I have moved to Lausanne, Switzerland this week from the UK to start a new job. I speak English but have already started French lessons!

I currently do not know anyone so please feel free to say hi :)

Hi. Am Cyprian from Kenya.
I am from the Public health profession and passionate about living in Switzerland but I don't know where to start.
Any advice?

I am interested in academia or agricultural fields especially scientific writing of papers, briefs.

Hello everybody!
I arrived in Lausanne five months ago, following my partner. I'm brazilian but also german! I speak english, german, dutch, spanish and portuguese (and now having french classes!). Looking for a job and new friends!
A HI is very welcome  :top:

I am Flora, I am moving to Switzerland soon.
I hope to visit places and meet friendly people.
By the way I am getting married in St. Gallen.


Hi !

My name is Justine, from France and living in Zurich since July with my boyfriend.
I’m 30 years old, and love to discover new things.

I would like to meet some new people for friends, who speaks English or French (I’m in the process of learning german)

I currently do not know anyone in Zurich, so please feel free to contact me !  :)


Hi, I'm Nicolas, from Uruguay, a small country in South America.

I work as an IT consultant, mostly in projects related to Microsoft technologies and products.

My plan is to move to Switzerland in less than 2 years. In the meantime, I'm going to learn German and continue developing my professional skills.

Thank you for your time.


Hi I'm Jecel. I'm from Manila, Philippines. I studied in Cambridge, UK. I moved here last May, hoping to find a job. I'm currently still looking and I'm learning German. Also, I need friends..


I hope your business started with success, I am planning to come and work in Switzerland as waitress.
Kindly let me know if you have vacancies.

Thanks :)

Hello! Not really new in CH been here since 2009. However moved from Bern city to Fribourg city not very long time ago. Looking to have new friends and acquaintances in the area. I am very keen to meet people from different cultures.

Hi, I am a Malaysian, and keen to work in Switzerland. May someone share and guide me with this? I don't have any other means to get information. Thanks a lot!

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie on this platform but I have been living in Vaduz since February 2015. I am a master student at the uni of Liechtenstein and I would love to make new friends.

Hope to hook up with some of you.

Hi there

I am from the Arabian Peninsula. Living here in Switzerland for 18 years.
Switzerland is a really nice country. While others call the country "heaven on earth" and want to live here, I'd like to move to UAE in the future.

I am 25 years old from California on a journey to move to Luzern  :cool:

I love Switzerland and have visited many times. My grandfather lives in Winterthur, and bf in Luzern. Living and being able to work in Switzerland would be a dream come true!

any help or info for a sweet, young hairstylist (from California) looking to move to die Schweiz would be more than appreciated  :)


Hi, I'm Lizbeth. Originally from Mexico, married with a french-breton guy, who found a job in this country Switzerland, so we are new, trying to figure out how the swiss are.
I'm a marketing person, and I'm in the job-hunting which is just similar as the house-hunting ... quite an sport, if you have any lead please don't hesitate to contact me.
I'd be glad to meet you, exchange opinions, taste some coffee, etc. I'm in Montreux btw.

hi liz!

nice to meet you.. wow im sure Switzerland is quite a change from Mexico! how are you settling? Switzerland is a great place to relocate for a few years!

ya, job hunting can be discouraging, but eventually things should work out if you keep at it! I have had a few job oppurtunities in salons, but have fell through when it came to a visa!  :mad: im still on the hunt as well.. mostly Luzern, Zug, Zurich area!

ya, that would be nice.. we can practice espanol with eachother! haha Im trying to come back in January (hopefully at the beginning). Will have to contact you before, so we could meet!


Cool Lysha, Contact me whenever you're up to. Yes, Mexico, France and Switzerland, the 3 are quite different, I miss my family, the sun and the fruits, but not all the bad things. Well, well, hope to meet you. Good luck!  A+

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Hello everyone i'm roselyn new here in forum just looking friends.

Grüezi Expats,
hope all is good. Just moved to Basel from Ireland on my lonesome to start a new job, new life and new adventure. Looking to meet new people while also discovering what Switzerland and the rest of Europe has to offer. Any suggestions of interesting places to go would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you.
Alan   :)


I am not exactly new to Switzerland but new to I have lived in Switzerland for ten years, worked in banking for six of those years and I am currently working as a financial consultant, bouncing all over Switzerland.

Hobbies - I love writing, basketball, fitness and enjoy painting, drawing, learning languages (even though I am terrible at it)

all the best

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