Money transfer to South African bank

Hi guys need some advice on the cheapest and easiest way to send money from Saudi to South Africa been to enjas western union and they said they could not send its blocked on their system please need some urgent advice

Hi does anyone know why ABSA has been blocked from receiving funds from Saudi Arabia.
I have been sending money via Internet using local bank Al Bilad for a long period and the service suddenly stopped.
Are there alternatives, getting desperate.


Hi Razak

I assume you've solved your problem, seeing as it was several months ago, but you can send money with SendSouth. Welcome to contact me for more info.


Hi Wicus
Thanks for the reply better late than never.
I would appreciate any info you have as an alternative. I'm currently using SABB to send money via Internet.

Sure Razak, send me an email ** and I'll tell you about SendSouth. I assume you're sending to South Africa though?

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Hi Wicus

Just arrived on Thursday in Saudi Arabia on a business visa. How can I transfer money home to Cape Town, if I can't use the banks and western trade union?

Muhammad Mukaddam

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