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dear friends i like to have some info about bank process that when i applied for new account in alinma bank they are asking unfreeze sama approval letter. i want to know what is that and how to get it.thanks in advance

Do you have any history of unpaid debts, credit cards, loans, installments etc? Are you applying for a new credit card?

Yes my friend but 1st I like to have current account in the bank and then I would like to apply for credit card in the same bank but first of all they are asking sama approval letter I don't know what is that and how to get

I don't have any loan or anything pay to the bank I am clean


I have an unpaid debt which i haven't paid for 180 days due to unemployment.

I had opened an account in ANB Bank which is frozen by SAMA.

I can't withdraw my money from the account of ANB. Is the unpaid loan is the reason of freezing my account?

If yes, what should i do now? How I unfreeze my account from SAMA?

Please help me out.


SAMA freezes because of your Bank complain. The bank complain can be due to one of three reasons in my knowledge.

1- You got loan on behalf of end of service and got terminated.
2- Your employer got bankrupt. So everyone under his sponsorship got a red financial flag.
3- Bank freezed your account when there was payments default.

Contact your bank and assure them by any means that you would be paying without interruption in future. Off course, first you have to clear the old debts, or in ideal scenario for you; a major part of it.

There is another way to deal with your bank but I don't know how much it will be effective in KSA. That is, try to strike a deal with the bank. That you will pay some portion of remaining debts on the spot; and remaining you can ask them to refinance. After all, if you are not paying, they are suffering more than you.

My 2 cents...

Salam Khurram Bhai;

Thanks for your reply. I have already some amount with my previous employer, my End Of Services (EOS) which they didn't pay.

I have already cleared-up everything with them and now they will transfer almost half of the pending amount to my account where my Loan is pending. i want you to give me a proper instructions on below;

1. Should I contact first with SAMA or Bank once my company transferred my EOS to my account?
2. They have frozen my other bank Account in ANB, where my Salary is stuck and I can't withdraw.
Will they unfreeze this account (ANB) so that i withdraw cash and submit in the one where i have unpaid loan?
3. How long it takes to unfreeze the account after i talk to my bank as my company will send the salary for the month of September and it will be lying useless as long as my ANB account is still frozen.
4. Can they give me a relief that I would pay half of the pending amount and then will continue to do the monthly installments regularly?
Please advise.

Dear. I am no professional in these matters. What am I trying to do is to share my knowledge if it could be helpful to anyone. Don't take my words as the last words. A professional person's advice would be a lot authentic.

Now comes to your questions. Please mention clearly, when you got terminated and have you joined and transferred to another employer?

Khurram Bhai;

Yes, i have transferred to another company 2 months ago. They opened the account in ANB, and when they transferred the salary, SAMA froze it. All my salary is in ANB and i haven't withdrawn a single halala.

I have already cleared-up with my previous employer & they will send the EOS this week.

I was jobless for almost 10 months, due to which i was unable to pay my installments but i managed for 3-4 months.

They were receiving the installments as long as i was on job & they received it for 18 MONTHS.

I want to clear all my dues as now, i am on job

Okay. The picture is clear now.

What you have to do is to take a job status letter from your new employer along with statement to commit to inform bank first either you resign or gets terminated.

I am not exactly sure what more details they want. You can go to the bank head office and talk to some helpful person in customer support /loan department, and they would guide you.

What I can assure you; this is the way to proceed. Once your application is approved by Bank, you can proceed to pay installments as normal. It should automatically remove the red flag from your financial statement at SAMA and subsequently other banks.

One more thing. I think you should have the salary account in the same bank you took the loan from. Otherwise, they hardly will agree. Consult this issue at Bank Head office as well.


Thanks Khurram Bhai for sparing your time and helping me out as i am n a situation.

I will do so & go to bank first, informing them that i will start paying my loan installments regularly.

Also, i would tell my finance dept. to submit my salary in this account so that they receive the installments as long as i am on job.

Buhut buhut shukriya. ( If i needed your help further, i might disturb you again).

Anytime :)

Salam Bhai;

Its me again.

Can I go on vacation if still I have some unpaid amount of Loan?

I mean there won't be any problem in immigration if i am going for 1 month vacation.

They have already received half of the unpaid amount and I have told them that they would receive monthly installments on time.

Please advise Khurram bha.

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