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I just moved to Bahrain with my husband and baby and we have started looking for housing. Found several apartments we like Juffair/Adliya/Mahooz area, but cannot find any reviews online.

Can anyone here share reviews (good/bad/ugly) of apartment buildings in the area?

We are looking at two bedrooms, with a budget of 700-1000 BHD per month. We have a fantastic agent, but are asking for real-life experiences.

Buildings we currently have in mind:
Bella Vista
The Belvedere
Fontana Tower



Hello lisarial

Did you check out rental adverts in the Housing in Bahrain section of the site?

You may also drop an advert of your search there.

Best of luck


why not just knock on a few doors in the buildings and see if you can meet some residents. I got the place I'm in by speaking to a resident in the lift while viewing the building. She'd worked in real estate and told me that the building was one of the best she'd seen for the money and to definitely take it. Been very happy there.

Thanks for the tips! I will see if I can find a resident to chat with. Can I ask which building you are in? I keep trying to find just a list of apartment buildings, but it has been a bit tricky! We have looked at hundreds of postings, but most don't mention a building name or exact location. We are pretty flexible with a decent budget, but feel like there aren't many options.


We've looked at a bunch of them-- an advert is a great idea!

lisarial :

Can I ask which building you are in? I keep trying to find just a list of apartment buildings

Not only does my building not have a name but it is nowhere near the areas you want to live in, so it wouldn't be much use to you if it did.

There are hundreds of thousands of apartment buildings and you're in the wrong culture to expect a comprehensive list!

Most people who are here long term don't stay in the first place they move into. What this means is that they use their first year to find their feet and learn where the better accommodation for them is. If you're only here for a few years, it probably doesn't matter where you live. But if you are considering longer then see your first place as just tempoarary anyway and a base from which to find something more permanent.

This is actually really useful, thanks! I've been trying to find something just right, but should probably settle for 'good enough'. We will hunt around for one more day then just call it...

Suburbansam has hit the nail on the head!

Unless you are really lucky, you may not be able to find the "ideal" place to live as soon as you move into Bahrain. Whilst its important that you are happy int he initial few months, you will be able to make a better and more informed decision only once you start living in Bahrain.

Having said that, let me get back to the question asked - of the three building names you have mentioned, I have been to Fontana Tower. It is a fairly new building and looks well maintained. The facilities it offers are of very high standard. I almost bought property there! The only reason I did not was because I found a better deal in my home country.

I have not seen the other two properties, hence unable to comment.

Try ERA Tower in Seef. Its the highest residential tower in Bahrain and some flats have the most beautiful views of the sea, Bahrain Bay, Reef Island, BFH, and Manama City. Great pool and gym and is walking distance to City Center.

Era Tower... yeah... but don't try playing tennis there! They have the most hilarious tennis court with a chain link fence about a metre around the edge of the court.

Actually, swinging a cat would be difficult in most of the flats in there. Not the biggest place for the money...

Lisa :

I am an American living in a 2 Bed 2 Bath flat in Juffair.  It is called Oasis 3 residence.  The building is real nice with a lot of amenities although the service from the Management sucks.  3 out of the 6 months, I have lived here, the internet hasn't worked at ALL.  My complaints fell on deaf ears, until Management finally decided to give me a separate router.  The maid service done twice a week is not consistent and I have to constantly remind them that I need fresh towels changed in both Bathrooms.  The reason this 16 story tower is only at 40% occupancy is for a reason. I had even consulted with an attorney a few months back about breaking the lease and it is not easy to do so with many cases stuck in the courts in excess of 2 years.  I will definitely move out when my one year contract is up, unless something drastic happens like the Management is changed.


For new people, be aware of certain issues.  The Fontana is very nice, but that area of Juffair has no adequate sewage system, so there are vacuum trucks several times a day, and that can get rather "smelly."  Also, you can check out an area you like, and go visit the apartments yourself if they have one available, by simply asking reception.  They will send you up with someone then and there.  Beware of any apartment that has a popular night club as the noise will not stop before 2 am no matter how high you are.  100 Towers is fairly nice, but isolated and not close walking distance.  Butterfly is ridiculous in price.  Most of the others have tacky furniture, but you may decide location is key.  If your spouse works anywhere else, particularly Saudi, Juffair is absolutely a nightmare as far as traffic.  Around 7 am and 2:30 pm is also awful due to the numerous schools.  Adilya is better, but apartments are not easy to find.  I have friends in Mansouri Mansion long term, and they love location.  Easy to several bars (JJ's, Palace, in addition to 2 restaurants and 2 bars on premise, etc...) and go to Juffair at pre-determined times.  Access to Causeway is easyily done, on and off.   Easy walking distance to a large supermarket, pharmacy, florist, tons of eating joints, but again, depends on what you want to sacrifice.  Not luxurious by any stretch of the imagination, however, I've found it more comfortable furniture than most of the ones with the modern "pleathure" upholstery.  There are newer apartments, but not great locations.  Depends on where your spouse will be spending most time.  Saar is not good, in my opinion unless you are in a villa compound and they are way more than your stated budget.  Amwaj is nice, but not if you want to go out with other expats in Juffair or Adilya.  Seef is over-priced like crazy, and again, inconvenient.  The apartments in Seef are no nicer than anywhere else.  Sitra is off the table completely.  Not safe.

I personally would never walk to City Centre....just me.  I don't like the area, too isolated.

BTW, skip the agents.  You can get a better price on your own.

See my posts below....don't know if they help.  Juffair is tricky, especially with a baby.  Some streets are unpaved still and might prove difficult if you want to push a stroller.  Can be done on paved ones, but you walk a mile out of your way to do so.  Also, in Champs, Diva, Ric's, etc.....the hookers are ridiculously visible.  It really makes dining out an experience that is not altogether pleasant.  Just saying....

charlesmark  :top:

You have really put in a great effort to elaborate some key points.

thank you!

Absolutely. Great info charlesmark.

We will be referring to this post a lot I am sure :)

I know Fontana Towers having stayed there.

Pros: Very very nice.  Great construction, finishing and quality of other residents.  Superb facilities such as gym, pool, sauna, cinema hall, pool rooms, dry cleaning, 24 hour grocery store and even an american bagel factory outlet on ground floor

Cons: Parking is an issue when you have visitors.  Outside the road is narrow with hardly any space to park.  On weekends, the building opposite attracts a lot of partying Saudis who are staying there so ambient noise if you are facing that way and are on a lower floor :)

Do you have any one with reviews of 100 Residence?  I've heard mixed reviews.

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