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My husband has received an offer of employment with bapco which includes accommodation but I can find nothing on google about what sort of quality this accomodation will be.

It would be for myself and my husband and one child. Am hoping for at least a 3 bed villa.

Also, is electricity and water included?

Any experiences of living in bapco accomodation woild be appreciated.

We have lived in Bahrain before.

Many thanks

Hi dear ,
There are flats a lot .
So many kind 2bed room 2bath room fully furnished/non furniture   As you you have check by your eyes

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You should ask your husband to contact the HR dept. i am sure they can provide you with all the needed info. Unless someone here works for Bapco i doubt anyone could give you apt answers.


Hi Gecko,

I have been working as a teacher in Bahrain for close to 3 years and am being considered for a job with Bapco teaching in Awali.

Like you previously, I am looking into potential relocation to Bapco housing, so if you have any up-to-date info, I'd be really grateful to hear from you.

All the best


I live in Riffa views and BAPCO accommodation in Awali is right next to me.  I have looked at the villas from the outside while going to Awali hospital many times and they seem ok even if on the older colonial type design housing.   All of them seem to be single story.  Having said that, the compound layout seems nice and quiet.

Thanks XTang,

they sound like bungalows which is ok as that was what I had when I lived on a compound in Riyadh.

Hopefully, I will hear something back from Bapco this week.

I heard the Bapco Club is nice so with automatic membership, I would definitely check that out shoulf I be successful getting a job at Bapco.

Thanks again.


Yeah the club is nice.  Also they have quite a good library right next to a small but nice coffee shop - good for lazy afternoons.  Inside the compound there is a small super market and some shops.  Oh and a new very large cardio hospital is being built there as well.

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