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Oh my goodness!  No I did not mean to empugn ALL Canadians or even all Canadians living in Belize!  The person in question had been referred to as 'the Canadian', and at that, the disgruntled Canadian.  First I do not know all Canadians, and I do not even know all Canadians living in Belize.  I am fortunate enough to know the Canadians living in my community in Mayan Seaside, and they are all absolutely SUPER!

you are incorrect. the supreme court has found that the gov may indeed own land.  you may not like it but the supreme court has ruled many times on the topic. … egislature

correct  billdoesbelize...i am not in Canada  right now... [usually there up to  2 yrs at a time...]
but...i  stay where i want whichever of those countries i want...b/c  ... simply.. b/c  i can afford  to...!!!...   .......[might be Thailand next month].
whats your point...
where ever i am able to be. ,on this planet, doesn't have a thing to do the crime -- danger and corruption stats/facts, in belize.
if you cant find and or interpret, the daily/weekly Belizean news media houses publications of said negatives or  cant find on the internet, the pertinent facts/stats... as the proof you need..
well...good luck with that.
as for cut/paste...i sure do.....that way, when i transfer ,facts, from reputable and knowledgeable web sites` reports/studies/publications....  i don't get it twisted with ,anything other than their stats/info..
if you cant believe those stats....
well...good luck with that.
'the cloisters' ...what is you're first hand experience of ,how many murders  or  brutal beatings , stabbings...and  break-ins/thefts that have happened at just that one  ,fiasco, of a condo complex, since the first building went up.....?
[how many yrs, you been in san pedro...?....hhhhmmmmm?.]
starting a new site..?
.it makes more sense to me... to allow the truth...on this one....and on all of them....!!!

If so, then the Supreme Court has transgressed the constitution, and should be impeached.  The reason for not allowing the federal government to own property is that it can create a dictatorship, which was not the intent of the founders or the constitution.  I do not know the many times the Supreme Court has allowed the Federal Government, as a single entity, to own property, outside of the ports, forts, and Washington DC.  If by Federal Government, the courts meant the American People, then the government, as manager of public property, can choose to sell off parts of federally managed land, but they are not to sell it to foreign entities, which would compromise the integrity of a nation!  If what you propose is true, then the American people have no country, no protections, and no rights.  They have been sold out by those who are supposed to protect them. … l-right-o/

The battle of the websites goes on, and on, and on, and on!

how is the road to your place...these days....?


Don't know.  Haven't been there for a month.  Have matters here in OR to attend to right now.  When I left, the road was smoothed out and traverse-able.  First good rain and it goes to slop, though.

not in belize  rt  now....
yah i know the feeling...  investment maintenance, can be  somewhat of a pain sometimes.. especially  internationally. that is  why i think it worth it ,to have a house where i invest.
watch out.... billinbelize  might verbally attack you ,for not being in belize.. while speaking about the place.,!

Thus far, BillinBelize has been polite.


Actually, who I responded to, and who replied, was "BilldoesBelize."  Are there 2 Bills? :/

ahhh...  i meant  ''billdoesbelize''....ooops

Well, ???

Communism in its pure form would be utopia except men(usually) have to 'run' it so it becomes unworkable  fairly quickly, because there are always those who want and take the power to control others.

yes it would be....  but to  suggest  a  gender bias prejudice...well   that's  not   good.
wanting and  taking...    are  not the same.
there are communes ...that are still going strong...45 yrs later.

Yes, terrific.  Exactly.  But it sounds soooo ideal, doesn't it.  "Can't we all just get along?"  Well, nope.  That's the nature of things.

I did not start this post to have it turned into a post to air opions about the States or any other country. Why ruin this forum?

I'm sorry for my degree of culpability in changing the focus of this post, but I was not sure if you meant moving back to the states, to Canada, or to Belize.  It was changed many times.  Too, on my computer, the posts blur and I never know what forum I'm addressing.  There was one that asked about crime, I think, and that somehow blurred into yours about moving back.
It's difficult, at least on my computer, to distinguish which forum I'm in as the pages jump around on this new HP and there are so many ads on the pages.  There, it did it again.  What I had written disappeared.  I have to scroll around and look around to see what forum I'm in.  I think I'll stop answering these posts.  Too difficult to track.  Again, I am sorry if I destroyed anything.

the supreme court exists to interpret the constitution, it is that simple.

Can't discuss this here.  This is about moving either back to the US or back to Belize.  I have been admonished.

Please send a private email if you wish to discuss this further.

Wow! This is terrible. I come here to find info about Belize and post is hijacked.   The original comment is clear--crystal clear--she's coming back to Belize.  I thought it would be an interesting topic but---NO! It's ruined by most on the post.

I hope you find a place where you can get some peace and relaxation. There are a  lot of nice areas around San Ignacio. I have a realtor in the area that might be of assistance, if you need. Good luck in your move.

God? Please help me. I am aware of the NWO--it's what some Americans talk about but, no matter how hard we try--it has nothing to do with the original posters' comment.  It is unfair to hijack the post with negativity.

I'm so sorry Brownsand.  The posts got jumbled up for me with other topics, and I was addressing someone else in this forum, not realizing where I was, so part of the responsibility is mine.  Then people started responding to what I posted, and it just grew into a nightmare from there.  I've been quiet for a while now.  Hopefully things will straighten around.

@brownsand If the UN Agenda 21 (NWO) is implemented in Belize, like in the US, I will be selling my property and going elsewhere. Belize is still a capitalist-based republic that values personal freedom and individual rights, and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

Mbarlow--no need to apologize but, thanks. I read many of your comments and they're always positive. Makes me feel as if I'm doing the right thing by researching Belize. Please stay positive.  @Karenjoe--I do understand and let's hope NWO does not come to Belize--anytime soon. I just want to spend my time relaxing, snorkeling and beaching. I'm thinking about a candle business--any on Belize? My profile pic is really one of the candles I make :) --think it will work down there?

Karenjoe....  must be delusional.....
'' that values personal freedom and individual rights''.....
on the contrary and being the fact...
belize is a despotically run country.
whether  the  UDP or the  PUP... as corrupt as you could imagine.
candles are made and sold already ,in san pedro town

Thanks for the info but, are they novelty candles? Like the one in my profile pic? Can you give me name  of candle place?

Okay, no need to answer--I found them and candles are different from mine. I'm sure there's enough room in Belize for both.

not sure where  they are made....  but...  there's always room  for more candles., and the right marketing hold a teaching class,  wouldn't  hurt .

Oh, you're feeling me! I was absolutely thinking about opening & teaching  candle class.

Hi everybody,

Please note that some posts have been removed from this thread.



I would think a candle of the Maya scuba God would be a great idea.  Just remember your target audience is going to be tourists belizeans by and large it be too poor for something like that

I'll check that out, thanks!

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