Information about elementary school(SD)

Hi guys,

I would to move to Dalian China,
Maybe around next year.
Please your info, about tuition fee of elementary school from beginning to the end.
As information,my daughter is 6 years old per last October ago. How about the regulation of started age in China.

Thanks all.

Hi, I'm a local Dalianese. Maybe I can give you some advice. The starting age for children going to school here is 6. You may choose an international school for your child but It may cost much more than a public one. I don't think the tuition fees for a foreign students studying in a public school can cost a lot.  Maybe you can ask help from your recruiters and there are always some policies for a foreign employee including his or her families' settling down. If you have any other questions, let me know at xxx. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

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My daughter is 6 this year and we will be relocated to Dalian. Looking for a local school to start her education next year. I also have another daughter who is 3 and has cerebral palsy and deaf. I'm also looking for any special school for her to attend.
Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks you.

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