Badminton in Ho Chi Minh City - 2015

I wanna join your group. can I?

I am looking for a badminton group in District 1, 7 or Binh Thanh
Please contact me. Thanks ^^

Hi Viet, did pm you :)

Hi Nhung, please check your inbox :)


My group usually play games at weekend and needs some new members. If you're interested, please drop me your words via chatbox. I will contact you soon.

About the game details, please see below:

1. Saturday from 9-11am. Play at Thienvan court in Tan Phu District. Address: 19/57 Thoai Ngoc Hau Str, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu dist.

2. On sunday from 9-11am, Play at 163 Court in Phu Nhuan District. Address: 163 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District.

We just play games for heath and relax at weekend. So, not care about level and open both expats and locals. Come and join with us if you're free at one or both days.

Dear Ha,
I want to join your badminton group, can you give me your phone number for contact?

I would like to play if possible? I'm not very good though

It's a bit far.. the place is #2 Huyen Tran Cuong Chua, D1.. but if you like to join, you're welcome.
Sat & Sun.. 1pm start  Ok?

For those interested.. your welcome to join.. just come..look for Nam or Lorenzo.. usually court #2 or #3..

Hi all,

I'm Chi. I would like to play badminton with you in Thao Dien, D2. Please inbox me if you are interested.


Hi everyone,
I just moved in Bình Thanh, I'd be happy to find badminton partners that play around, just for fun, in parks, on the street or whatever. I'm not a good player though, I just "hit the ball".
I'd like to find people to play with during the week, early in the morning. The idea is just to start the day with some little exercise and fun.
Drop me a message if you're interested.

Hi Josephine,

Were you able to play? Are you still in vietnam?

Hello everybody ! I'm LEE. I'm TRAINER badminton in Multifunctional Competition House District 7. I have group play at the night of Tue, Thur, Sat, 8pm - 10pm. If you want to join, please contact me xxx. Thanks all

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HI Ngoc Ha,

I just arrived HCM and I am wondering if your group still plays badminton. please let me know, and I would love to join you, thanks!


dear Lee,

HI! I just arrived HCM and I am wondering if your group still plays badminton?? alternatively, do you coach/ train badminton?? hope to hear from you, thanks!


hello Hiro Hamada
Do you want play badminton at where? Now I playing in a group at D2 and I known some group play badminton at Binh Thanh District. If you enjoy can contact with me follow :

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dear Phuong,

HI! thank you for your message. I just arrived HCM, barely 2 weeks, and I am looking to play badminton. please let me know your schedule and where, and I am willing to travel.

will email you.... thanks!


Hi Pete,

I saw your post and I am wondering if your badminton group still plays, and if I can join you.
please let me know... thanks!


Hey I am interested in playing. Am staying in District 1. Please reply if you are still playing....

Hi Benj,

the place is Tao Dan Sports Complex, #2 Huyen tran cong chua, d1.. court #5.. 1 pm start.
Note: Other players interested are also welcome..

Is there any badminton court nearby Sky Garden 3 at District 7?
Thank you in advance.

n.n.hann :

Hi all,
I have badminton groups play on:
Mon-Wed-Fri: from 8pm-10pm at Hoàng Hoa Thám court, 42/228 bis Hoàng Hoa Thám, Ward 7, Bình Thạnh Dist.
Tues-Thurs-Sat: from 8pm-10pm at Phú Thọ Sports Complex, Lý Thường Kiệt Street, Dist 11

Fee per session: 40.000 vnd/person
Monthly fee: 300.000 vnd/person

If you're interested, please pm in my contact or reply to this post. I'll reply you soon.
Welcome all 😀
Ngoc Ha


Is the post still available ?  I am looking for a badminton community. I used to play badminton and looking for a chance to start playing it again here.

Would like to hit, FB message me (Johan Yow)

Am interested to join a Badminton Group who play every Sunday morning !

Hi! Are you still playing badminton in D2? If so, i'l looove to join !

Yes, still interested to play Badminton on Weekend only

Hi DHL Pete,

I like to play badminton and would like to see if your team is still open for new interested joiners?
Personally, i will start my expat life in HCM this week, and am checking any possibility to play badminton during weekend or nights of week days.
Areas or Districts around District 7 would be better.

Thank you


My partner is as well looking for badmington players - not sure this thread is still active by any informations about it in HCM would be welcome!


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