Mail forwarding

How's the best way to deal with mail from folks like Social Security, IRS, etc? Is it worth getting US Global Mail?


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This is the service I will probably use for 'receiving' my US mail:
You can electronically sort through and read your mail that is delivered to a US address. There are other similar services out there, but I have not researched them all.

Have had little experience until recently with Mail to Belize but recently needed a car part in Belize. We found the part on line and had it sent direct to the Garage in Belmopan, who were working on the car. The part shipped USPS and they gave a 7 to 14 day window for delivery, part arrived on day 7 customs duty was $15 (bze) on the part which cost $128(US) including postage so We were quite Impressed.

I looked at a couple of services and also went with primarily due to no contract or long term up front payments. Also, they seem to give the most services without additional charge.

I guess I've arrived just a bit late to the rescue, sorry. Should you find the item somewhere else or if the seller re-listed that item you can use this forwarding agent … t-address, I have used it several times and it makes life easier for me when I need something from Italy. Good luck

Yes I use them too, they are the best

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