New members of Japan forum, introduce yourself here – 4th quarter of 2015

Newbie on Japan forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Japan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hey there! Just looking around to find Filipinos who are in Japan. I myself grew up in Japan and would love to meet new friends whom I can relate to.

Hello asheenadesu,

Welcome on board  :)

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about yourself, what do you do in life, what do you like and so on.

Afterall this thread is for the introduction of new members  :)


Hi I am from Karachi Pakistan.
Want to be in touch with Pakistani brothers and sisters please contact me via whatsapp email thank you
I will wait for call from you.
Thank you.

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hello every one.
i'm coming from Malaysia and intend to stay in japan for a long term. Been in Osaka and Yokohama from 1990 - 1995 (family work).
6+4 years working experience in sales, marketing, retail, restaraunt, renovation, construction, teaching and front desk job.
will go back to Osaka again this december for an interview.
looking for teaching/sales or any part time/full time work that suit my experience.

Hello Friends

My name is Emmanuel Ayettey fro Ghana

A graphic artist  and holds first degree in Marketing.

I will like to move to Japan and work there

I speak English

Hello my name is Jonathan and I come from Malta. I am trying to find an opportunity to work and live in Japan. I speak fluent Maltese, English and Italian and I am currently studying Japanese for these last few months.

I have been training Kendo for more than ten years and looking forward to live in Japan so I can increase my skills as well.

I currently work in a pharmaceutical company and have over 8 years of experience working as a technician in factories. I hold a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering but no Degree.

Thank you!

Hi, I am Saif, from Dhaka Bangladesh. I want a full time job in japan. I m experienced in sales, waiter, bartender, server, cashier, front desk, office assistant, security guard. Now I m working in Korean International Club as a Waiter/ Bartender in Dhaka, Gulshan 2.
I want to meet My native peoples who help me to get a job with better opportunities. Connect with my Bangladeshi peoples to get help what is better for me.

@ Saifuddawla > This topic is for the introduction of new members. For your job request, please post in the jobs section.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi, my name is Matt. I am from London, England. I have just moved close to Nagoya city and don't know many people. It would be nice to meet some English speakers as I can't communicate in Japanese yet. Please get in touch.


I'm Fabian and I'm from Belgium. I'm 25 year old.
Actually I'm living in Belgium, but I'm planning to visit Japan next year.
I would like to study music there, but firstable I will need to study the language (during 6 months or more).
I'm a system engineer, so It would be cool to find some work there too, to upgrade my skills and discover new working environments.

I have many possible plans when I would go there.
I'm here to take all the advices and informations about this country.


Hi Matt, how far is Nagoya from Sendai? That's my home base at the moment!

Hi my name is Joaquin Massachusetts, USA. I love everything about Japan and the Japanese culture. I want to move there when I'm older. I'm a game design major that loves anime and is planning on studying abroad in Tokyo next year 😊

Hi. I think Sendai is quite far!

Darn~! Thanks anyway

Hi everyone,

Hi everyone, I'm Antal, living in Budapest, Hungary. I am really interested in Asian cultures and would love to travel the continent. I am absolutely in love with Japan and would love to spend some time there, working and experiencing everyday life. I speak no Japanese, but willing to learn. I spent 2 years in the UK so I speak a quite good of English.
My interests are: travelling, photography, architecture, cultures, languages, food and gym

Hello~! I just arrived in Sendai roughly two weeks ago and am starting to settle into my job and apartment...I would love to meet some other English speakers and start to make friends in the area to watch movies, grab food, or have a drink.



I'm off all week if anyone would like to meet up and explore or try some restaurants :)

Heu guys, i'm Salma, nice to meet you  ;)
I want to continue my study abroad (in japan)  :cool: PhD degree
I'm planning to aply for a Monbukagakusho scholarship next year
i'm also studying japanese
i hope to be accepted
wish me good luck lol
thanks  :D
btw is there anyone that have been accepted and is studying in japan now?

Hi there,

I'm Marcus.  I'll be living in Tokyo for a little while.  I am a Tour Guide from Montreal.  I am going to Tokyo to study Japanese.  I hope to be a Japanese Interpreter one day. 

I speak English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.  I would love to meet up and watch some ice hockey if you are interested.

Thank you!  :)


Oh darn! I'm from California but just a plain American :o
No chance to know you :(

Good luck!  :)
I'm just working here.

@ bentobox109 > Can you please introduce yourself?

This topic has been created for the introduction of the new members only.


Priscilla :)

Hello all.  My name is Todd and I stumbled upon this site while searching for jobs in Japan.  I currently live in California and I'm hoping to find a job in Japan.  My wife is originally from Tateyama, Chiba and we recently made a trip to Tateyama, Hakone and Tokyo.  This was my second trip to Japan and I absolutely love it.  Wish me luck finding a job.  Take care.

I am a French citizen with 17 years experience in Japan.

kind regards

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Hey there,

I'm Mandy and am living in Kyoto for two years now and work - surprise, surprise! - as an English teacher. I'm really interested in learning about Japanese art and culture, but right now I'm searching for fellow expats to relate with. I'v met an incredible lot of people here, but apart from work no other expats yet and I'd like to hear about your experiences and ideas over a nice cup of coffee, or a beer ;) Haven't managed to learn Japanese so far, because of other priorities and am not looking for a language exchange partner, but someone with whom I can exchange myself with about living very far away from home.

Hi, I'm Alexandra and I'm from Romania but have been living in London for the last 7 years. I am on a business trip in Tokyo until February. If you are interested in meeting up for dinner, coffee or drinks and socialising, drop me a message!

hello everybody , i am from Algeria ( north of Africa ) , I'll come to japan - TOKYO - with my friend in December, for the first time, wanna meet some new friends and contacts and share culture, tradition and language why not, find some nice things to buy as souvenirs, hope am in the right place :p , see you there ^^

Hello nice to mee you guys,

I'm Japanese who live in kyoto.I'm currently studying Culture and communications at Uni in Kyoto.

I registered as a member here to make friends especially from overseas!
Having friends from all other countries have been one of my dreams because I want to expand the view of my life by knowing different culture,way of thinking, and different background:)

So I wiouk be so happy if I could become friend with you


My name is Eric and i work for a tax firm here in Japan and Vancouver specializing in cross border taxation between Canada and Japan.  I spend half my time in Vancouver and the other here in Tokyo. Coming from Vancouver, i love my nature! You'll more than likely never find me in Tokyo on weekends. Usually driving to the mountains for skiing or beach depending on the season. Ive probably skied at 30+ ski resorts in Japan as well visited over 100 onsens! so if you need any info on the outdoors and the mountain resorts, get in touch with me. If you need tax related advice on residency issues between Japan and Canada, feel free to contact me as well. Cheers.

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hello im april, currently residing here in shizuoka, i really want to have a job here but i can't speak more in japanese ..

Hi all,

I am living in Aichi Prefecture and would love to meet up with people residing besides Nagoya. Please to meet with you all! I will stay till October 2016 before heading back Singapore. ;)

Hi. I'm currently staying in Malaysia and would like to get a hotel job in Tokyo . Wish all happy new year.

Hello everyone. I am a Malaysian and will be doing my internship in Yokohama next year. I am just wondering if anyone could help me out on my first day when I reach Tokyo airport as I don't really speak Japanese yet.

Would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

Hello I am Marc, a French citizen with almost 20 years living experience in Japan.
I started recently a blog to share my experience living and working in Japan in a foreign company.
It is aimed at peoples considering moving to Japan (and working in their Japanese subsidiary) or long term residents aiming to become head of a subsidiary in Japan.
Feel free to contact me.

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ Marc, maybe you could add your blog in our Blogs from expats in Japan section of the website. It will surely benefit members who will be able to visit your blog from the website.

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