repair costs for motobike

I need to have my motobike repaired and need to know how much I should pay for the repairs. I need to replace the brakes both front and back and the throttle is sticking. I also need to have the shocks replaced as well. I like the bike I just need to know a ball park on the costs for these repairs. thanks

It depends make of your motorbike and the mechanic. Usually they don't charge excess but possibility if you are foreigner  :)  Take a local acquaintance with you if you have. Try to give a shop with spare parts.

Im Vietnamese and i hate when i have to fix my motonike. I know they try to earn my money by tell me have to change , have to repair many things. If you have a Vietnamese guy friend, you should ask hin to help you go to the shop to repair.

Come at 188 Nguyen Huu Canh street, Binh Thanh District

Mr Khanh he is owner there, go with good price for you

OP: which bike is this? If it's a Chinese "Honda" Win, then you need your head examined.
A genuine Honda Wave or a Yamaha Sirius, take it to the authorized dealer. Watch them do the work. 

Your kind of problems indicate that you bought a POS bike. Sorry mate.

I don't get this perpetuated b.s. Of all the bikes you could use, why choose the very worst?!????

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