LECCE - What can you tell me about it and its cost of living?

I posted an earlier message about retiring to Italy.

A friend has suggested Lecce, what can anyone tell me about it?

It sounds beautiful but what is it like to live in?

Is it expensive, could you live on €25,000 p.a. There?


Hi Broomie,

Lecce is definitely a beautiful and lively city.  A part from its cultural history - which makes it worth visiting -  it is also a university city, so there is some movement here.  Rather quiet during the day, busy in the evening.

People are in general pretty nice - you would at least have to learn some basic Italian ... very few locals speak any other language. But if they see you're trying, they will as well.

Having a local helping you out is definitely something I would advise ... (but that is true for the whole of Italy I guess :-)).

Lecce is close to both the Ionic and Adriatic coast, so change of scene is just a 10 to 20 minute drive away. The most southern part (Santa Maria di Leuca is an hour drive ... once used to the driving here, it really gets addictive driving along the seaside).

Depending on where you want to live and what kind of accommodation you're looking for  (city center or suburb) life can be cheap (rent is anywhere between 250 and 600 Euro for decent housing).  I would not advise the seaside to live, there's nobody off-season and it's even more humid than in-country

Guess with about 1500 Euro/month you'd be able to live pretty well above standard (average wages are between 800 to 1100 Euro if you're lucky enough to have work).

Eating out is very affordable (for 30 Euro/person you eat well and a lot) ... groceries are cheaper than what I was used to in Belgium (but I stick to Eurospin which has very decent quality here in Lecce, if you go to larger stores that sell the "brands", prices are pretty much comparable).

Commodities (water, gas, electricity and car-fuel are all on the same level - even more expensive in the case of fuel) when compared to Belgium.

All in all a positive place to live ...

I have been living here for over 3 years now, but moving back to Belgium for professional reasons.  But definitely coming back here to spend my retirement years.

You'll find my house for sale in another forum topic.

Hi there :)
Do you still have a house for sale? We just moved here and looking for smt to buy.

Thank you


my house in Lecce was sold last month.

Friend of ours is still selling his house in Castrignano del Capo ... near Santa Maria di Leuca.

3 bedroom, garden, double garage box, volte a stella .... at 200 meters of the main square in Castrignano.

150K €. some, but not a lot of work is required, as it is now, you can already live in the house without problems.

PM me if you want to know more.


Bonjour, je suis belge et je désire partir pour Lecce. Je ne connais pas les Pouilles c'est pour cela que je veux m'installer pour une année et voir si nous sommes "compatible". Je suis une femme seule et j'ai un budget de +- 1250 euro. Je cherche un quartier tranquille et si possible petite maison avec jardin car j'ai un adorable chien.
Toutes les infos sont les bienvenues
Merci d'avance :)

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