Cost of living in Puglia, Italy

I retired last year and moved to Lake Chapala, Mex., from Canada. It's a fabulous area, lots of expats and things to do but it's just not quite working for me. I know now I would prefer to live in Europe. I was a tour guide in Europe for three years (many years ago), have a basic knowledge of most countries and in doing my research have started to focus on the Puglia region. I have an annual income of about 22,000 Euros, would Lecce or surrounding area be affordable for me? I'd probably prefer to rent a place outside the city and get a small motorbike to run about with. Thanks!

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Have a look at this thread, it might answer some of your questions.

Hello Smacklin,  I am from the Salento area, therefore I can easily answer your questions;  as the cost of living down here in Puglia is not so expensive like in other regions of the north, I would say that it is quite affordable for people who move here . The rent of houses is of course cheaper in small towns of the province rather than in big towns, like everywhere, of course.
if you are still  considering Lecce and the surroundings,  and  still looking for a place to rent  outside the city, I am  considering  to rent out my vacation house  located in a real sea resort off  the beaten truck, at  just 8 km from the renowned tourist and quaint fishing town  of Gallipoli. You can join the wonderful  sea and shores on foot ( just 5 or 10 minutes walking distance from my house).
The house would be available in  September.
If  you  are interested,  or if you just need more advices  about Puglia, just drop me  a line .

Hi Never Lose Your Hope, thanks for responding!  I'm considering coming to the area next spring for a couple of months to check it out. I'll check back with you when I decide what I'm doing and see if your house is still available, have you decide what rent you'll be charging?

Hello Smacklin, you're welcome. I haven't decided yet about the rent for that period,  but since you will be coming here around spring time, I would suggest to check back just a couple of months before you decide to come to the area , and of course, if the house is available, I would be pleased to give more information. Spring time is low season , therefore the rent would be much more affordable compared to summer time , when is high season.

Hi. Still renting the house. Any more exact location possible. Is it possible to rent for a month ?

How much is your rent per month? Would it be available in January or February?

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