Just moved to Qingdao want to meet new friends

Is there anyone interested in making new friends in Qingdao, i just moved to Qingdao so I wouldn't mind meeting you.

Will be moving to Qingdao in early October & would love to make contact.

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What is the pollution like in Qingdao?

Evening Star

Qingdao is relatively with better air quality compare to Beijing, Tianjin and other cities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, welcome to Qingdao !

Hi, There is an unofficial Wednesday coffee morning at 10:30 for expats at Maan Cafe on Aomen lu (just east of Hisense). Also sign up for Qingdao Mamas Yahoo Group, and don't worry it's not only for Mamas and a great resource for newbie expats. I also started Qingdao Expat Survival Guide
My latest post:
36 TIPS FOR NEWBIE QINGDAO EXPATS has all this and more info. Happy Travels!

Hi Jacqinqingdao,

As i mentioned on another post, do not hesitate to register your website/blog. As for the Wednesday morning coffee, we do have a dedicated section Events in China, where you can promote the meeting. Members will be able to notify their participation instantly.

Maybe you could create an event for the occasion.

All the best,

how is the party in Qingdao?¿

We are moving to qingdao in 1 week.

are you still residing there?

we would like to meet up :-)

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