AA meetings in Montenegro?

Does anyone know of AA (alcoholics anonymous) meetings. I am unable to find any.

I've heard of something in plan... Will enquire ;)

thanks for response. If there aren't any, i love to participate in getting one going. I have never lived where there were none. New experience. Living on edge.

It looks like it is not possible to send you private messages. Could you message me? Not too keen to share my contact details on public forums.  Thanks !!

i understand. Thanks--my email address is ++++

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Hi Gwirfs,

I'm just visiting Podgorica for a few days soon but looking for a meeting during my stay.

Did you find or establish a meeting?


Hi--first thing i do before i move anywhere is check for AA meetings. I did same before moving here. And there was a site that said there was 3 meetings a week in Bar. Once i got here, i found those 3 had been cancelled and there was one every Friday there chaired by a counsellor, not AA person. So i went anyway--and counsellor never showed up. And this meeting stopped. So i been going to online meetings every day at
or if you like to chat-- xxx
ciao gary

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Bonjour, y a-t'il des ressortissants français vivant sur Tivat-Kotor-Budva ?

Are there some people from the neighborhood of Tivat-Kotor-Budva ?

Merci, Thank you.

People from the neighborhood? Recovering alcoholics?
I am in Budva and am recovering alcoholic


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Are there some people from the neighborhood of zanjlice- Herkeg Novi-Tivat-Kotor-Budva,

i am coming for a few weeks to the area looking for some Bill W Friends.

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