Finding a car

As a new expat to Jubail, where would one find a good car for daily transport and longer trips. Please let me know your experience or your recommendations. Thanks!

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hello dear
i know some one who can help ; he is trusted person and in a few days my car will be for sale (monthly rental for 1175 wnds with owning the car )
you have the choice
kindly inform me if you are interested


i saw your mesages from July only today. Who is the trusted person. Which cars are available. How can I contact him.

Greetings, René

I want to know, what is the average of car price (GMC, pajero, Nissan, ...)

You can  contact Hala limousine. They are located in Jubail. Contact 0533579756


check below will help you


I am giving pick and drop service contact no is 0538302661

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