Things to do in Salalah during the weekends


What do you usually do on your weekends in Salalah?

Are there any places to visit, any activities, any events or festivals regularly organized you would like to recommend?

What are your top tips for the weekend in Salalah?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, ;)


There are beautiful places on vacation
Your markets
And you have the mountains
And you have the sea
And you have desert
And you have the Najd areas
You can allocate each week as do we, the people of the country
Go to the sea for fishing
Go to the mountain to relax in nature
Go to the desert to see the sunset and desert sand touch
In every season there are places to suit the season. So enjoy your time
Happy times

Weekend Are time to spend with friends and family.

If you are found of fishing and have friends with same liking ,fishing is the best pasttime for weekend.

Also you can go to beach for a days picnic.

Also special durign khareef. Jebel become green so you can go camping with a mixx of BBQ and grills.

That what I can think of  now

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hey hi if you already visited can you guide me i am planning for the same

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