Looking for photographers in Oman

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who is keen on photography, if so please get in touch.




I was searching for photographers in Oman when I came across your post in google. I am interested in photography and I recently started a web site featuring some of my photos. The site is


Mathew Kuncheria

Hi, am interested in Photography, am living in the USA contact me on malazu45[at]

I am  zouhaier slimi from Tunisia. I work as a teacher of English and I am so keen and skilled in photography.

My friend working in muscat is a photographer he used to do nature photography in salalah just mail me what kind of hobby / work this is.

I want to have a photographic job in Oman. how do I go about it?

Hi there,

I am a French freelance photographer living in Yemen. I can go to Oman if you need a photographer.
You can have a look on my website to have an idea of my work!



can you post your website here please...if you dont mind...


Hi ,

I am a hobbyist writer/photographer, doing street and landscape photography in Oman for last two years. I have been planning to brush up my skills for portraits. So, if anyone wants to do some quick portrait session, I can do it on weekends as per my time schedule.

Its absolutely FREE. Win-win for both of us. You can check my portfolio here ( )

I recall seeing your stuff last time, and it's really very good,
Could I persuade you to start a photo thread on the lines of mine in the Indonesia section?
Potential expats to your part of the world could get a feel for the place. the real place, not the tourist version.

Nice idea Fred. Do let me know what are the the requirements for such a project. Since I am a street and portrait photographer, it intrigues me a lot.

Just do as I do, then tell the world about it.
I do a sneaky thread advert in other threads that may draw views. … 573#527221
If you're looking to get a little work, don't advertise as such on the forum, but the odd passing mention doesn't hurt.
I suspect, especially given the serious quality of your photos, a lot of people will enjoy seeing them.
I'll subscribe to a thread like that the moment I see it.

Got your point Fred. Thanks a lot.

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