Looking for software job in Netherlands

Hi friends,
I am from India and I am planning to move to Netherlands. Right now I have not even started, I am looking for guidance to move to Netherlands.  A brief about myself
Age:28 years
Profession: Software Engineer (6+ years experience)
Technology : C++/OOPS
Domain: telecom
Visa: Nope

Any help is much appreciated. :)


job or freelance?

Job and work visa

Hi a good place to start is to look at the (immigration website) to research the visa conditions. Unless you already have a job here you will have to apply for a temporary resident permit before you will be allowed to work. You will have to apply for this at the Netherland embassy in your country before you leave. It could take up to 6 months to obtain one f you are successful. If you do manage to secure employment then your employer will apply for the temporary resident permit.

You will not be able to work if you only have a short-stay visa and employment agencies will not consider you if you do not have a BSN. The BSN is issued by the municipality and only if you qualify to stay for more than 90 days.

You will not be allowed to stay on a short-term visa. When you arrive at the border you will be asked to proved yo have enough money to stay for 90 days and to show your return air ticket by the end of the 90 day period. If you do not have a return air ticket you will be refused entry. I have seen many people turned back at the border.

Hi! I'm Australian and currently working in the UK but need to elsewhere in Europe soon as my visa ends here in England in a month. NL looks great and I'd love to hear your thoughts on consulting via a limited company (which is what I do in the UK now). Could we connect?

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I just took a look at this thread. I think like me people already sailing in similar boat, except that my boat already landed in netherlands and i already have all the required documents to work here also registered as a freelancer here. only thing left is, to find either a project to work on or a job. any beacon like help appreciated!!!

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