Moving to turkey- Iranian living 20 yrs in USA- do i need work permit?

Hi dear i would very much like to move to turkey prefferably antalya and would like to work in resteaurants as a floor manager or waiter however im wondering if i would need a work permit or not by the way im from iran tehran and lived in usa for 20 years truly yours tino

Yes, of course you will need a work permit before coming.

welcome.. first you need to get a residency permit, second a work permit..

salam tashrif biarin, khoshhal mishim az didaretoon
ejaze karo eghamat rahate omide didar

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Can you please keep it in English :)

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Just curious, bcs I've been asked this question before , why would anyone trade USA for Turkey?  What made you think you can be happier..when everone wants to immigrate to USA?

The grass is always greener on the other side!  I would not like to live in America.  I came from the UK to Turkey. Yes Turkey has some problems, but everywhere has. To me, at the moment, Turkey is paradise.  America (or indeed England) is not the "land of milk and honey".

If you can buy a house it will be easier to get permit.

A lot of people think they can come to Turkey and get a job in a restaurant. This is not necessarily true. The general rule is that you cannot get a work permit to do a job that an unemployed Turk can do. The exception is if the company you want to work for has already employed five Turkish citizens.

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