New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi, Julien.

Always odd to start off these things... :)

My name's Filipa. I've lived in the US before but had to return home due to family affairs, had no idea I would be able to break free from them. Now that I did, my previous resident status in the States does not apply anymore but am looking to study in Chicago.

Took my TOEFL test while visiting a few months ago, know everything I need to do to apply, however, it still proves to be difficult to me that I have to get health insurance prior to applying... because I have no idea what's the best service nor how to do so as a foreigner. Weird how just one detail can make you feel disoriented as an outsider.

Looking forward to a new life though.

Kind regards,

I'm Steve from the U.S.  I came over to ride my bicycle from Hanoi to HCMC.  I became Ill in Dalat and am in HCMC getting well.  I'm 74 and love to play duplicate bridge.  Looking for a game or two before I head back to NC.


I am Pablo, I was born in Argentina, but I lived in France since I was 12, nevertheless, I didn't lost my links with Argentina ....
I arrived in the usa, st cloud, orlando area, Florida by a year and a half ago, I am a single dad of a wonderful 13 yo boy.

I’ve lived in Sihanoukville for about three years. I’m currently living in a hotel on Serendipity Road at a hotel just passed the Golden Lion.  I write and sell science fiction military novels and hang out. I know more Cambodians than expats. As a writer that is of real interest to me. As a barang it keeps my bullshit detector working overtime.  One of my Cambodia pals is from a little village across the Mekong from Kampong Cham. I’ve been up there four times and I like it better each time. It’s way cheap but it’s hard to get western goods like bacon or tuna fish.  It’s nice to meet you all. Happy Trails, CrazyDog

Crazydog (love the moniker and one of my favorite bars here in the DR) you realize that you posted this in the USA forum and I am not sure it has anything to do with the USA.  Maybe post in the Cambodia forum???

Bob K

Pablo. welcome.  What do you do in Florida?

Bob K

My bad Bob. Crazy dog is also I Cambodian insult. One of my favs. I say it in Mexican so they don't know I thing they suck for trying to rip me off.

Now that is funny

Bob K

I’m on top off being a dumb shit Bob. I can’t find the Cambodian site. If the any chance you could post the Ura for it. If you like shootem ups try Black Scorpion Mountain on Kindle. If you can’t happy trails Dennis

@ Crazydog > Please click on this link below, it will direct you to the Cambodia forum where you can start a new thread.



Priscilla  :cheers:

Lovely  Priscilla many thanks. Cheers, Crazydog.

Laura welcome.  What are you doing in NY

Bob K

Hi there. My name is dilshan pathinayaka. I live in srilanka. And i am just 20 yrs old. I have done my education and i would like study more. I am quantity surveyor. Iam doing my job in that field. And i lile the country that i would love to be. And that is USA. I will do anything for go there. But i dont have money for that. I wanna saythis. I can do anything, any job, any challenge i can take them and do them. And guys i just wanna be there. In USA.

Crazydog here. I’ve lived in Cambodia two and a half years. I write and sell novels mostly military scie-fie. I live on Serenity Rd just passed the Golden Lion turnaround. I use to live on Victory Hill but the sleaze factor made my skink crawl off and hide.  I have a small private NGO. I see that twenty old starving people in a little village in the north get enough rice to eat every month. They pray for my long life and that I make money to keep them in grits. I smile knowing I will outlive them all.
I spent the last twenty years supporting Anesthesiologist in surgery. I was lucky I worked in some of the best hospitals in the America.  The University of San Francesco and the U of Dub’s trauma campuses Harborview in Seattle: Thirty five thousand people and Harborview is the only level one trauma center for four and a half states. Trauma is a fracking rush.
I avoid the tourist stuff. I don’t drink and I live like a monk: Which makes me an odd ball for an expat. One the plus side I’m funny, witty and more than a little charming unless you are a Cambodian doctor that couldn’t save a cat that was coughing up hair balls. I will hear them out and tell them they are not giving me a *&^&^^% D5W drip for an infected foot.  I want Gentamicin or Ampicillin-subacton and you will give it or I will take my business to a pharmacy.
I did a hitch in Vietnam for 1967 to 1968 as blooper gunner. (M-79.) . The Tet offence really sucked. Still I love Vietnamese food and can’t find a good bowl of phö in this blighted country.   
I work at being a nice guy but in my heart of hearts I’m an ex-cowboy from Eastern Oregon and a smart ass prick. I have an IQ of a hundred and forty and all my friends are way smarter than I am. 
It’s nice to meet you all. Cheers mates, Crazydog

Hello I am Nancy nice to meet Everyone I am in Texas working right now as a Nurse Assistant to the Elderly soon very soon like 2 weeks I will be returning to my island and home after 21 years to Trinidad and Tobago. How that for a new adventure huge Smile every thing will be new and different 😃 I have my kids and Grandkids waiting for me. I am very happy to join the group drop by day hello have a wonderful week.
Nancy 🌟💐🌺🌹

Hello Nancy. Am Becky from Nigeria and am planning of coming to Texas with my husband in 4 months time. I just want to get acquainted to you. This is my number +2348075485366 so that we can communicate on whatsapp or becky4 as my Skype account. Looking forward for your reply.

Hello everyone. Am Becky from Nigeria. Am planning to relocate to Texas in 4 months time with my husband.... I just want to make acquitance with anyone.... Thanks

Hello Becky nice to meet you but I am leaving soon to go to trinidad and tobago in touch

Nancy57 Welcome to the forum.  It sounds like quite an adventure.

You will sort be an Expat in your homeland.  This will be us one day as well.  Good luck

Bob K

adesuwa  Welcome to the fourm.  Have you posted this in the Texas forum?  ( )  If not you should do so

Also NEVER post personal information (phone, email etc) on a public forum.  You might want to remove this from  your post.

Again welcome and good luck on the move.

Bob K

Hi I am Angela Flores, I am a Filipina mother of a 3 yr old boy married to a French guy, currently in France but moving to LA in the next couple of months!
Me and my family are looking for an apartment around Santa Monica, Playa Vista ( not necessarily in this places as it is too expensive for us) Our target is to have a 2 br for a budget of 1600$

Any informations, site where to look up will be very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot!


Hi I am Ebenezer,I have a degree in education (Bachelor of Education;Science) from an African University ....I'm thinking of relocating to the United Arab Emirates and needs some contacts that will help me with accommodation and job placement.I will be pleased.reply me on my email eben0006[at]

Eben0006 you have posted this on the USA forum (United States of America),  Maybe you wanted to post this elsewhere??

Bob K

Hi, I'm Spha from South Africa. I have been offered a partial scholarship by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey (California). It does not cover accomodation though, only tuition. Is there anyone here who knows cheap accomodation around Monterey? I would appreciate any advice, please.

I am in the U.S.  Director of International Sports Camps.

We are providing 3-weeks of a basketball calmp at the end of June for Chinese middle school boys.   I have toured, as team owner, through 15 - 20 Chinese cities with a professional basketball team from San Diego.p;aying against Chinese pro teams in China.  We also played one of the CBA teams in a game in California last year.

We are seeking representatives to refer new campers to our camp.  Great commissions.  Camp includes airfare, housing, dining, pro coaching and trips to the major theme parks, including Disney, SeaWorld, Safari Animal park and more for the best sports camp adventure in America.

Hi all
Im Shelley from Anglesey North Wales and am coming over to Orlando next year for 3 months while i am there i will be looking at propertys and employment as i am hoping to relocate there in 2 years.

Welcome and good luck on your trip.  Orlando certainly is a booming area.

Bob K

Greetings to All! My Name is Sam Yoannes, new  to but lived in NYC for many years. I am in real estate investment field and will provide a platform online for RE developers seeking investment. If you are a RE developer or an investor anywhere connect with me. Thanks!

HI my name is Isabelle, l wish to communicate with you on the way of life in NY is it easy to find a job and go to the US

Depends on what you want to do and your experience.  But yes, it's easy to adjust. It's  best if you know people here to avoid the loneliness people are too busy here to pay attention or help. Good luck!


My name is Martin, born in Vereeniging in South Africa. Grew up on the platte land like its known and lived for 5 years on a farm before matriculating in Ventersdorp.  And no, I am not a AWB for those who know and wonder. Love the out doors, camping, hunting, fishing and most of all my family..
I am planning to work in the USA, very scary ordeal I have to say!!!
Getting a sponsor was the easy part, the second part is where you get a job, or a willing employer who will put his trust in you.
I am hoping to find a fellow South African that will extend a helping hand as we South Africans do this side, on the platte land as they say do. 
I am currently that bloke next to the road with a broken car waiting for a helping hand, please dont pass me by without trying to help, do the South African thing, NO, not the one where you rob me, take my car and get my pins for all my credit cards.  The other more positive thing. That was a joke, but so bleri true!
I am a down to earth Afrikaner and a likeble person that can fit into any crowd without any issues.

hello thank you  for the answer, can yoy give me an association or organization to apply for a job
thank you and good day

i am nicolas,im not an expat yet im thinking like to make freind here...

I am new to this forus. I posted in the wrong forum and can't see how to delete it so I replaced it with this message

hi all I am new here

bongoangola and JONNYPAUL  welcome to both of  you. The title of this tread is " New members of the USA forum introduce yourself"

SO both of you need to introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about you, Are  you an Expat, looking to become one, wanting information, wanting to share information?

"Hi I am new here" is not much of an introduction.

Bob K

Hi all,

My name is Lily and i am new here.  I am indonesian and currently living in France. 
I have just obtained my bachelor degree in foreign languages (Chinese and English) and i am looking for an oportunity living in the states with my family.

I have only been once in Miami on vacation and i really loved it.

I'll need some advices for finding a job in the USA and all the paperworks needed. 

Thank you

im finnish lady from Helsinki and i wish to find finnish friends living in usa,
just to visit there and get to know more about USA

Hello Everyone! I have just joined this forum, I am here to know more about Networking Courses ( institutes in USA. I hope you will help me to make me know.

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