How to get a good job inswitzerland?

How could I find a good job and a good employer in switzerland?

By having good qualifications.

That is such an open question, and I'm surprised someone with an Economics BSC even asks it.
Ask yourself this, how does someone get a good job in your country? The answer will be the same

One factor in working in a foreign land is also the language they commonly use which will play a big role in different applications.

And patience in searching employers by available means to you like the internet/classified ads in papers/fpeople connection and researching about the background of your target employers.

Of course it depends on the job you are looking for.
My recommendation for private households positions: visite &
And for companies hiring: Jobup and indeed.
Hope this helps !

There is a big difference with the education system in Switzerland and in the Philippines. Unfortunately, in my country, one that has a BS degree does not necessarily guarantee one is at par with Swiss/International standards. So, it is always unfair to assume.

For Switzerland, keep in mind that:
- if you do not hold aSwiss or European Union Passport, you will only obtain a work permit if your employer can reasonably argue that he cannot find anyone from Switzerland or the European Union.
- Unless you look for a job in a fully international environment (science, research, NGO, multinationals), English will probably not do as a language for your job. Local languages are (depending on the part of the country): French, German, Italian.

Hello ,

Good day to you  :).

Before i start, firstly, if you don't mind, why i chose you ?
We have somewhat the same quality of life preference .... hahahahaa ... easier to converse i guess. 

I believed that you had read my short intro in my profile column.
With regards to that, mind me asking, why is it difficult to get a job over there ?

I was a manager before for the Singapore Armed Forces for 16 years.
I'm only asking for an assistant manager positions, supervisor and even administrative assistant role, but was turned down. I am willing to do any lower positions  / job scope as long as the remuneration package is quite reasonable, estimated of 4500CHF per month.

Been job hunting for the past 3.5 months or so.

My savings are drying up.
Worried sick, don't know wether should i sell away my car now, my house open for tenancy etc etc etc.

I could even forward you my CV etc ... nah ... it might bore you lah ....
Is there anything wrong with my credentials? ... experience ? ... nationality ? ... age ? ... religion ? ... race?

Been to Switzerland a couple of times, fall in love with the place there since day one !! ... people, culture, ethics, system, sceneries, lakes and a dozen of other things.

What do the Swiss company recruiter wants ? ... What are the employers looking for ?
I thought that we Singaporeans are well respected, very much wanted / in demand by the Swiss employers ... as to say, getting a work permit for Singaporeans is easier from various Swiss Cantons ?
Sigh  :/ ... im still puzzled & trying to figure out.
My English is business fluency, German (beginner to intermediate), Malay (native speaker).

This is my last chapter in life for a career move and intend do it good till my retirement age in Switzerland.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused, or bore you during your spare time.
Thank you for your time. Looking forward on hearing you.

Warmest regards from Singapore,
Faizal Said

Some advice on finding a job in Switzerland:
- If you do not hold an EU-passport, then be aware that a future employer must arrange quite some things to get a work permit for you. In other words: it is easier for a future employer to hire someone from the EU than someone from outside the EU...
- Though English is widely spoken and understood in Switzerland, do not expect that you can easily find a job without good (not "basic" or "beginner") knowledge of the local language. If German is your bottle neck, try to find jobs in fully international companies or organisations that are fully international and have English as the working floor language.
- Don't tune yourself down so easily. Many employers may find you to be overqualified for the job, therefore won't hire you ("he/she'll get bored quickly and quit the job again").
- As a foreigner (regarding passport and language knowledge) you have the two disadvantages explained above. Look at your top qualities, particularly at qualities that not many local people will have, and apply for jobs requiring that particular quality. You may find yourself looking in a niche market with only few positions available, but you may be much more succesfull than when applying on dozens of jobs where you'll be the "number two" at best because there is almost always a local holding as good qualifications as you do plus the advantage of language/work permit.
- CV: I suppose you know the CV requirements in Switzerland (copy of all available diplomas and certificates, translated when necessary, plus as many references from former employers that you can bring - if you do not have written references, organise someone of your former jobs to provide references by telephone when required).

Good luck!

Dear Twan,

Thank you very much for your guidance and advice.
Greatly appreciate it.

All the best to you over there.
Cheers !!

Best regards,
Faizal Said

Hi ,

I hope you have had better luck with your job search since . I think your challenges are opposite of the accommodations you are trying to get a job in Switzerland . For people from outside EU , the jobs that we qualify are mainly specialists , managers and professionals who are hard to find in Switzerland or EU.

So it would ve good to look for higher level jobs . Also , if you work for a Swiss company in Singapore you can get a transfer to Switzerland after a year . Hope the tip helps .


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