special schools for children in Riyadh

Just read your blog. Where you able to find any schools for special children in Riyadh? Can you please give me the contact details of the school?

I am also a parent of a special child.

Thank you.

Multinational school is the only school that I've heard of. Hope you find a place that caters to the needs of your child soon InshAllah.

Can you please give me directions to this multinational school? Or where is this located? So that I may check on their school programs and availability for this school year.

Thank you very much. school riyadh&oq=multi&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j69i65l2j0l3.2816j0j4&client=ms-android-htc-rev&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#istate=kp:xpd

Click on directions for the gps location. Hope that helps.

Multinational school and my little school just map google them. Unfortunately too long waiting list.

U could try multinational school. They have a special needs department as well as a learning support department.

check out

Hi everyone,

@ Natghattas, welcome on board  :) Can you please provide some more infos about the school you mentioned ?

I invite you to recommend the school in the Riyadh business directory so that members can easily find its contact details.

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Check out ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center.

Pl let me know if you do occupational therapy as well. ASAP pl

any photographic job.and special education school teaching famale anda male

We provide occupational therapy, ABA therapy and speech therapy.

Hi my name ia dima im art teacher in sands international schoo location in oliah .... . we have section for special needs ... I don't know if that what you are looking for.

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I can help you if u r in riyadh

Looking for ABA therapist in Riyadh for 3 year old

Charges per session OT and speech

Hi my son also has autsim  no school is taking him i sent him to day care they were beating him as he can not speak i searching for school for austic children how is your son now is he going to school … e3823cb5c1

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