business opportunity in Budapest


I'm searching for business opportunity in Budapest, or business to buy or invest in, franchising.

In preference those sector:
- import/export
- leisure, tourisme
- services, hospitality.

If anyone is looking for a business partner, or selling a business, I would be interested to talk about it.

Thank you for your time.

Hello cedric_1202,

Please post your ad in the Business partners classifieds in Budapest section, it might help you.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Cedric,

I'm also looking for business opporutnities in Budapest, maybe we can work together on getting something off the ground?

I was looking for something in lines of hospitality, tourism or IT.

If you're interested let me know and we can share additional details.

Hi. I saw your post , seems old. i would like to ask if you already start your adventure in Hungary.
we are also planning something similar.
If it is still actuall please reply.

I am planing to move to Hungary and i am looking for cafe for sale.I mean i am looking for business oportunity,partner may be.I think and hope at the end of 2017 summer we will move.Please let me know if there any oportunity.

Seeking advice

I am working on opening a salon and store for natural hair products in Budapest. I need your advice on how to establish a salon/ business? And if salon business has money?  I read many articles, but it would be nice to learn and be guided by the experts.
Mostly for Afro-textured hair, Mixed race natural hair e.t.c.

So many new barber shops have opened up all over Budapest. The old Ferfi ( men's) shops are changing,getting more like a mix of cafe/barber tattoo spots.
I noticed in the late 90's to early 2000's many men had stylish haircuts in Budapest, then the shaggy, homecut look was in. Still allot of long haired men here and there but recently in the past year or two clipper cuts and not just the skin head at home shaved look, have become popular.
Some clipper cuts I notice on the st. are rather good and some are a bit on the lumpy/uneven side,I am a cosmetologist  although retired from working in salons( thankfully)y
Afro shops I notice here and there also, many are located in the 7th and 8th districts, at least the ones I have noticed around.Since I am out of the game I don't actually pay allot of attention to these things much, just what I see on the st.
Many people were wearing their hair in Rasta locks but slowly I notice that isn't as popular as a couple years back.
Not sure if these new barbering salons are owned and operated by licensed Hungarian barbers or foreigners. I know to own a salon in Hungary one needs to actually be a holder of a HU cosmetology license. Owning and running a salon and just working in a salon are two different licenses.
In the US you can own a salon and never touch hair but here in HU you must be a legal holder of a license and have gone to extra schooling to be allowed to open a shop.
My old stylist here in Hungary owned his own salon and i asked him all about this issue a few years back.
He now works out of his flat because he is semi-retired.
I no longer go to him, found a great new young stylist who is also a hairdresser from outside of HU, he has restrictions on how many hours he can work because he is a foreign worker.
Didn't really answer your questions but getting your business paperwork in order is the first step.
Lots of  salons all over Hungary. In the old days being a hairdresser was a very sought after job, tips were a plus and people respected their stylists, guess most still do, no one wants to leave a shop with rat bites in their hair.( Holes)
I guess once a hairstylist always a stylist, I always am checking out the hair on people and making notes about the quality of their cuts. Lots of sloppy work but allot of good work too.
So basically ,I can't say for sure but it seems there are already some "Ethnic" hair salons in the city up and running. There are areas in the city with more people with "Ethnic" hair needs then in other parts of the city and overall I honestly do not see a ton of Afro headed people to off set the costs of yet another Ethnic hair salon. A online supply house might be a good idea but you should expand beyond just Hungary. Don't see allot of need for ethnic products outside of cities in HU, limited amount of clients and lots of comp with shops already established. Just my opinion, not actually doing a study of salons or people with special hair needs. There are already many, many high quality salons in Budapest. I suppose you know every region has different needs, in Cal. being good at lightening and colors are big, in the SW still doing perms and sets are big, even had someone once ask me in beauty school to give them a "French Poodle with a Italian Twist"! Still not sure what that is! Time to call the instructor with that one!
In Hawaii, our clients were mostly ethnic Hawaiian and Asians, had to learn to cut and not give a pokey! In HU
most but not all of the time it is usually straight hair and some slightly curly with either extreme bright colors and cuts or very conservative and neat.
Men's barbering seems to be the hot thing ATM here.

I think your best bet is to hire a market researcher and see what areas are in need of a ethnic hair salon.
I opened up a salon in New Mexico without doing much research. Opened my shop half mile away from my former work place.
My old salon was slammed all day long and I was dead.
I couldn't keep the doors open because I was so slow, just a half mile made allot of difference in foot traffic.
It would be well worth the money spent to get a professional to look into it before shelling out money for a dead horse.

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