Any challenges in investing in Kenya

am looking for expat  views on challenges in investing in Kenya

You could have stated the nature or kind of investment. otherwise its not difficult to..

Business any sector

From a lawyers perspective,

The legal hurdles are enormous, major hurdle is getting a Class G work permit and complying with county licensing procedures. Other than that, government procedures can be extremely slow and bureaucratic; however the profits here are great. From the service industry to Oil and gas; nothing is impossible!

hey deeb. Am looking for investors for my oil and energy sector.
we can set a meeting then I pitch you the concept. If you will judge it as a worthwhile investment then we can be good for business.

I have invested quite heavily in property during the last 10 years and done well from it, in terms of profit.  My wife is a Kenyan citizen, which has helped a lot.  However, as far as I am aware there are no barriers to expats investing in property (but not agricultural land).  Rental returns in Kenya are also good, but getting paid on time can be a problem. 

We have also, in the past, invested in the public transport sector.  This didn't go so well, due to the pitfalls experienced by dishonest drivers, regular theft of parts and dealing with the police, some of whom see the public transport sector as a personal income stream.

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clinton c i need to partner with u

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clinton c i need to partner with u

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