Everyday life in Belize

Seems that being happy in Belize is wrong.
You Must be either stupid, hopelessly optomistic or selling something. You could not be any other category as DrAl the self appointed High priest of the "No one should move to Belize cult."
Yes sometimes he has some truth in some of his posts but rarely is it in any way on the positive side.
He keeps telling  new posters that they would be better off retiring to a place he prefers, as it fits his 'I should get everything given to me on a plate  as soon as I want it lifestyle'.
What will he do when all the posters he likes to label 'Stupid' for not interpreting his facts in the same way he does, as unrelenting doom and gloom, leave this  blog forum.
Will all new posters be treated to his juandiced view with no balance for the lifestyle available in Belize.
Available to those who can live without frozen pie shells and salad  in kits to make a 'Home made meal' with cheap  plonk
from Chille

2flyaway and Mommy to all 6
Please don,t leave. This is just a blog  not a gospel. Any body can post almost anything, some truthful ,some half truth and some exaggerated. People who read have to come to their own judgement. So please stay on the blog and write when you can and post

I can see why people are wanting to leave when they are given chapter and verse by a failed Expat in Belize why they are not living the life they choose but are living in some dreamworld. Why just because a rare amusing or helpful post is sometimes seen  from him his idea of balance is all that matters. Yes he has his supporters and I don't want anyone banned, being derided and insulted for not wanting to live the way Dr Al would have liked to have lived in Belize is very wearing. If he wants his own personal Blog he can write it and then we can all decide to visit it or not.

Dr Al doesnt matter. Its just a point of view to get people going. I think the diversity on the blog is good. It may help some people think a little more before over committing themselves. I think he and his followers are missing the point.  Its ok to live somewhere that doesnt have the best road ways or the best available wines or even health care. Who cares?  You move to a place like belize with an adventurous attitude. You move there to get away from all the fancy over priced stuff.  Don't leave the blog  d r al is just another part of the adventure.

Really appreciate your long post as I am doing the research for a group of us looking to build a community in the southern area.

Just like anywhere else, it is what you make of it. It could be a prison for some and a heaven for others. There are 2 sides to every story and multiple opinions about every aspect of it, but what matters is YOUR opinion, YOUR perspective, and YOUR interpretation of the situation and facts. Get all the information and facts you can - it will help you regardless of your decision, as well as help you come to that decision. Statistics can be manipulated to make things look better or worse than they are, so I wouldn't put too much stock in them. Explore every avenue you can to get the information you need to make a good, informed decision. Good Luck! See you in Belize!

Hey Dr Al,
Why we never heard any postive feedback from you about Belize. Every time l read your blog,  seems like you had a bad experience in Belize. Stop comparing your life from where you came from, in Belize.

Have you been on the tour to Sanctuary Belize,please let us know your opinion.

I am an expat. I have lived and worked in Belize since April 2005.  There are many pluses and minuses to a life lived here in Belize.  A lot of that is based upon the individual persons seeking a life here.  Spice man, seems to be right on.  I personally am in no hurry to run back to where I come from.  I love my life here in Belize.  It is an acquired taste.  Many things here are simpler and sweeter!  I have seen many come and to my heart break go.  Belize is not for everyone,  do your research.  There are so many developments in and around the country that are worth a definite look see.   There are also many private beautiful places for sale here that are seriously worth a look see.  Most of them are only advertised by word of mouth.  Come, spend some time, ask many questions and look around!  Everything you may be looking for is here, but you will not find some of these places posted upon any forum or real estate publication.

As far as SB goes, the  best I can do is warn everyone, and tell everyone,  Be darned careful and do proper research before investing.  Even if you take the tour,  PLEASE, Be Cautious and Be Careful!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first post upon this site.  I hope  I am not banned by it. 

Belize is a beautiful country and she as well as her people have so much to offer!  Do your research and know what you are getting into when investing and building a life in Belize.  Please.  Make many trips to Belize, during different times of the year, as to know if the land you plan to purchase is more flooded out during the rainy season and also know what it is like during the dry season.  Please, educate yourselves and know what you are getting into. 

There are so many good posters that I see upon this forum who have lives lived and grown here.  Listen to all of them, visit and decide for your self. 

Do not buy in to some piped dream.

Take care everyone and have a good evening!

Well said April 05

I've heard lots of good and bad about Belize. I realize it's diversity. Seems to be a place you should live for 6mo. Or visit frequently before committing. I've been around the Caribbean and love island life. Don't mind living among expats and tourist.
Is Belize still customes  friendly? Most of the Caribbean is not, unless you have a ton of money. How is San Pedro? I'd love to get some advice from people who have lived there.

Thank you so much for your reply it was very helpful and not pro or con about SB.

I am an owner at SB. It will be a very nice community (when it gets completed). I agree with everything that was said, make a few trips, rent first, take your time as there are a lot of good deals around and a lot of those deals, you won't see on the net, you have to be on the ground talking to people.

Hello Marc...on this site looking to rent in Belize for a while....This may sound like an odd question but did  you by chance attend STM in Burnaby in the early 80's  ???




What or where is SB? And why the warnings?


Sanctuary Belize....a development community mired in controversy...both sides are represented in the comments in this thread. Best advice, as always, is to do your research, visit, talk to people and make up your own mind. Best wishes....

SB is Sanctuary Belize. 
There are really wonderful communities in Belize, and I'm sure you'll be welcomed wherever you choose.

To us, we have been here over 20 yrs. and what you say is everywhere. We have been robbed many yrs ago, we were new to independence. But for the last 20 plus yrs, we have come to know people in our village and respect them. But we always remember there is crime no matter where you are. Belize City is tough place to live. We never even considered it. There are many expats here and have not had any real serious issues. There are some expats that are in danger due to the choices they make.
I just wanted you to know we are happy in Belize. English is spoken here and that takes a pressure off of us in a already stressful world.

I am just starting to research Belize....and must say your post is most helpful!!!! thank you for your honesty. Cayo district is one of my first choices to look into. I too am not a city dweller...I need a garden and my own terra firma under my feet.
Looks like I have alot to read.....But most enjoyable I must say!
thanx again for your post

Hi Pennywise,

I live in New York and am researching as well. I've never even been to Belize. I think I want to go within the next 6- months to visit the different areas, etc. I've always had a car, but I kind of like the idea of NOT having one and being able to walk or bike places easily. Apparently public transportation is readily available.

Have you visited there at all? I am looking to find a place to rent for  a couple of weeks unless it seems better to stay 1 week in one location, 1 week in another. I don't know if the places advertised on-line are ok, clean and of my reservation will be a sure thing when I actually arrive there. The places advertised on-line are through realtors and they seem pretty costly. If you or anyone else here has any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

Thanks and happy hunting!

Hello musikmaker!
I too have never been....but it's so damn appealing to me! sounds like you and I are in the same boat so to speak...
so I will keep you in my radar......and hope to touch base with you along the way.
Just clicking on any topics in this blog is a huge learning experience! You come across the few that absolutely hate every single thing (must be type A personality) he he he I think we need to take everything with a grain of salt...I too am planning to go soon...
So cheers to both of us finding our dream...

Hello Penny I am Colette from Southern Belize. The Village of Big Falls. If I may suggest a very clean lovely place that is $200.00 a month usd. It is small one room, bed,kitchenette and bathroom.
Acheologists stay in a building close by, so you no it is a recommendable place. Land lady is Mrs Francesca lovely lady, all included is washing machine , Internet and it is surrounded by gardens of All sorts of flora n fauna and birds.
If you are interested I will send her number when your ready.
C. Harvie

thank you Colette.....very thoughtful of you. Now I must go google Big Falls....You see, this gringo has much to learn!
thanx again

Hi Pennywise,

I am doing the same thing, even though she answered you.  It sounds like lots of rain forest....unspoiled and not crowded. I'm going to examine a couple of different places. I am not looking for an American style suburb. Been there, done.... I've gone on some mission trips to Central America and Africa. I was doing a start-up in my not-for-profit for ten weeks last year in Kenya. I really want to sell most everything here and start over, much lighter and less encumbered by stuff and WINTER clothes, heavy coats, scarves, boots, mittens, etc. North Eastern woman here. Enough, awready!

If I find any interesting web sites I'll let you know.


Could you please assist me in finding a safe and clean place to rent. My first week is in Orange Walk with a Mennonite farm family. My following day will be in Benque Viejo del Carman with a small business woman sharing her home  with me. Just one day as I'm looking for affordable bed to sleep in at night. I saw $200.00 a month which is perfect for me.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Madeline2

Did you build your community yet?

Dear Sir,

Your response was exactly the kind of non-biased experiential based comment I have been looking for. I appreciate your candor and how you gave a certain balance in helping me to understand what I have to look forward to once I have my home completed.

I do have to ask tho, the critters that you referenced (toads, frogs, snakes, scorpions, etc) Were they as common visitors still once your  home was completed?


Yes, after a good rain the frogs and roads outside your house can be a little noisy and if you are moving a wood pile, for example, by hand, you would want to keep an eye out for scorpions.

Yes, we dio have snakes in Belize, some of them venemous, but as long as you keep your grass cut, they are not going to be a problem. In my work as a realtor, I walk through long grass and jungle but have never encountered a snake. I see them occasionally crossing the road.

I assure you that you have nothing to worry about in this regard.

John Acott

The most important skill you need in Belize is that of a scrounger/networker/make doer.  The country is just over 300,000 and poor so a lot of products and services are not available in Belize.

walk around town and ask about available rentals in the stores

One has to agree with Katzgar that Belize does not have all of those rules and regulations that you have in North America that can drive you crazy.

Life in Belize is relatively simple and beuracracy-free.

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