playgroup for 0-2 years old children istanbul european side

hello moms  hope u r doing all well. i have a 1 year old daughter and looking for playgroups  anyone is interested? :)

I have baby daughter, she just turned 2 and I am on the European side. Where do you live? How long have you been in Istanbul?

I live in Besiktas/ulus , I ve been living in istanbul for 6 years. Where do you live ?

please join our facebook group for children , playgroup for children 0-3 -

im interested


Oh we are so close to each other then! I am also in Besiktas - Ortakoy area :) I've been in Istanbul for 7 years but I don't know many moms.
Sorry, I just saw your message and I joined the group.

Hi, do you accept older kids? I have 3 and 5 year olds.

yes ofcourse where do you live? have u already joined our playgroup?

I'm new, I haven't joined any group yet. I live in Etiler

-  here is our group please join.


I am in Maslak and would be interested to meet up. We moved to Istanbul less than a year ago.


where do you normaly go in Maslak? How old is / are your kid (s)?

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Hi Kaira,

I'm interested for your playgroup. Is that group still active or not? I have a baby boy. I just turned up 2. I would be so happy if you add me the future events.


is the position available still?

do u have facebook because our group is on facebook

what position?

bakalcho jaba java    is my fb

Does anyone knows play groups for babies that me anand my daughter could join? I have a one yyear old. Thank you.

on which side do u live and where


Istanbul is huge, so it would help if you could give your location.
Some of the options are listed below

Little Pinecones Playgroup (Etiler & Zekeriyakoy) 0212 202 70 27 / 0212 257 51 36
Play n Learn (Taksim) 0212 244 91 51

Hopefully these two will be helpful.
Good luck!

MyraMay :

Does anyone knows play groups for babies that me anand my daughter could join? I have a one yyear old. Thank you.

European side. Sisli / Bomonti area.


Great, in that case you might want to check out the Taksim contact that i posted. Else you can also contact Kaira if her playgroup is close to your area.
Good luck.

MyraMay :

European side. Sisli / Bomonti area.

I live in near Besiktas and interested in a playgroup. My daughter is 13 months. Any acrivities coming up ladies?

hi Kaira,
is your playgroup still active? We are new in Istanbul and live in beykoz which is not that far i think. My son is 15 months now and i'd like to join your group.

yes u can join our facebook page and get in touch with other moms, playgroup for children 0-3 european side, is the name , search for it on facebook

hello is other moms, playgroup for children 0-3 european sidethe group name?
is this the name of the group  i couldnt find in the face book
please would you send me the correct facebook group name
thank you

it is the right name playgroup for children 0-3 Istanbul European side

I am interested my kid is 2,5 years old . Where do you live ? European side or asian ? I will start a free playgroup

Hi my one is 2,5 and I want to have a playgroup

where is the place?

Bakirkoy area

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