Where to Live in La Reunion where it is pretty but yet offer City lif

Hi Everyone :),

Can't help but smile as I think about our upcoming move to La reunion!  we are planning to move in Jan 2015. I have been to the Island last Feb. out of all the places I been too I was more drawn to Saint-Denis from where to Live perspective . we currently live in Dubai ( you can imagine how alive the city is ) and after so many years a change will not be that easy. hence Saint Denis seems to offer  a less dramatic change. Yet I want to make sure we are taking the right decision. we are looking for a place where
- there are some expat ( we are mix family French & Egyptian) with 1 year old baby.
- weather is not too hot so happy to go uphill like Montgaillard
- good night life and busy city life if we want
-good facilities
so having said the above, do you think the call on Saint-Denis is good one :)?

Thanks for all yoru help!

i think that if you want to have a busy life at night, you'd better move to the south, i mean st Pierre.
saint denis is for sure the best choice concerning activities during the day but other towns offer the same comodities...
maybe less traffic and a better quality of life...


Excuse me, I know your post is 2 years old, but i really have to ask: Are you Elli, the egyptian lady i met around 8 years ago in Malaysia, Tioman Island ????? Robert

Hi I am looking to move to Reunion. My problems I can't find a decent site to find different houses in different areas
I would like to be near the coast

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