Wedding accessories

Hi all

Does anyone know any shops in Abu Dhabi or Dubai selling wedding accessories, Im not sure exactly what I'm looking for would just like a nosey and ideas  :)


wow are you getting married???!! what a nosy question  :D  good morning to you !

haha yes i am, and good morning to you too  :)

wow that is so nice to know. i am just new in the city, so i really have no idea about the bridal boutiques around so much more in finding a groom.. do you have any idea where to locate one ?! just kidding  :D if you need someone to accompany you with and no one is available.. i am just around  :D

thank you thats very kind of you  :) . As for finding a groom, sorry i can't help you with that one ha, but i am sure with your sense of humour it won't be too hard to find 1  ;)  x

Congratulations !!! Thats a good news , so ur inviting me  for the wedding :P

How about wedding guest book, perfect quality

Me123456789 :

How about wedding guest book, perfect quality

sorry what do you mean?

So this a well designed book with a flowers that all your guests will right you some remembering on it the cost is 250 Dhs and really is wonderful

Oh i see yes i have one of those already but thank you for the suggestion  :)

you are welcome and congradulation

what kind of wedding accessories are you looking for anyway? will you rent a photobooth? or is it outdated already?

I don't know what I'm looking for ha, just wanted to shop around for ideas. I have pretty much everything sorted and yes we have a photobooth too :-)

ohh thats cool you have photobooth! what kind? i know lots of ideas are coming out..

There are many shops in Khalidiya Area Behind the Park and behind the Etisalat building.. good luck

Thank you, I will go and check them out :-)

Ok, willl u fly by Ethihad or via Europe? NYC is a combination of some say, districts, like Bronx, Downtown, Midtown, Lower Manhattans, Long Island etc., better check before going, from JFK, it might tak a while, by the way what do u do here in AD, came here to get married?

For your wedding bouquet try Dariana Flowers in DSO (Dubai Silicon Oasis), they are very professional and not expensive :)  mine was from them, very beautiful

i prefer to buy things online in dubai. its cheaper and dubai's infrastructure and support it. dressing gowns and stuff can get from constellabridal. groom's accessories like cufflinks can get from thelittlelink

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