Bridge Club in Sihanoukville.

Hi. I am a bad bridge played but I love the game.
I am trying to get a bridge club going here in Snooky. If you cannot play but feel like learning. I can teach you enough in 2 hours to have a fun game. No fees or costs except your tea, coffee, etc.
Bridge is a great way to spend an afternoon and keep the grey matter working.....
We play every Tuesday afternoon at 1-30.
Hope to see you.

I see your post is from 2014 so I don't know if you are still around and still playing bridge.  Can you let me know because I'd like to join.  Don't play well but willing to learn more. 
Oh dear no, I now saw on the map where Sinanoukville is.  Do you know of a club in Phnom Phen?

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