Possibilities of my S pass approval?

With limited answer from your employer, it’s hard to tell what exactly they have problem. It’s a contradictory answer. What does it mean that your employer has to register? Does it mean they didn’t register for an EP account to be maintained at MoM? What I guess is that they might have an account which never been used, and now they are furnishing the details again.

I have no idea what that means, as I have never heard it before. Ask the company for an explanarion!

HI everybody! The company I applied there in Singapore said that they already applied as S-pass for me.My friend who was there said he can check the status of my s-pass.
I use his FIN number and we tried to search the status of my application by entering my passport number but to no avail, it shows "no record found".My question is, Is it really possible to check the status of my pass application my using someone's FIN? In that case, I am afraid that the company did not really applied a pass for me. Thanks is advance....

It can take up to a week for the application to be entered into the system and be visible online.

That was so nice of you Mr. Beppi! Now it is clear. Thank you for always answering our questions with kindness and generosity. To Mr. Surya also:-)

Hello everybody. Just received a good news last Thursday that my s-pass has already been approved after 9 days. Thanks and Good luck to everyone.

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