Employment Approval and Work visa process

Hi everyone
I am french and I got a job on a resort as a guest relation officer.
I am supposed to start on April, 1st.
My employer submitted my application for work visa on March,16
Any chance I can get it on time ? Do you know if the administration is very busy now ?
On the official government website, they say it takes 1-2 days to get the employment approval and then 2-3 days for the work visa. What do you think ?

Thank you for your help


those are the normal formality if everything is submitted on time and if all documents are accurate. with the current process i would say not to worry about it, and you shall be able to fly on 1st april.

Thank you so much for your answer Mooch !
My future colleagues on the island also told me not to worry.
I can't wait to be there.
Have a nice day

hi aman i want to know how can i check my EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL letter is valid

please reply

Sir i got employment approval so i want to know whether it is original or fake

I got a approval.and I Call Maldives councilor which is in Nepal. Thay told me send ur approval and passport scan copy to samita.shakya[at]chaudharygroup.com
ND I send my approval , passport copy  they told me that approvel is fake .
But  my consultancy  said ur approval date is expired tats way Maldives councilor said ur approval is fake ND I Have a question really this  type  happened  when approval date is expired???
Sir please send me. Reply
My passport number is.      :  060***
Name                                      :binay ***  approval Application date.  :04 Nov 2017
Approval Issued date.          : 21 Nov 2017
Expired date.                         :20 Nov 2018
Employment approvel no.  :Wp0012***
Please Sir check this approval ND confirm it is fake or not. I paid my money to consultancy.

Hello I am Vaibhav Chachad from India Mumbai,I wish to know how long does it take for issuance of Maldives work permit to the candidate as I sent my signed documents on 25 feb 2018 and my company kurumba resorts said that it takes 3-4 weeks for maldives work visa well its been 2 weeks my friends who r in kitchen they have received the visa already of other properties I am still waiting can anyone please advise on this

Vaibhav Chachad

Hello sir, still I am not yet get my work visa, I am from srilanka. I was applied 3 months ago. Can I know why it is delay?? They will issue or no? Please reply sir.

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