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Hi all,

I am from Sudan Originally. Sudan is very safe and one of the safest places in the world
I wish you all pleasant stay here

HelloKRT :

Hi All,
Great to find this place in the virtual world. I will be moving to Khartoum to work in a couple of weeks. I am from Canada and live in a small town about 30 mins from Toronto. Weather is the best you can have in the world a this point of time but slowly winter will set in and it will be all white....

Please advice me about a place to rent so that I can work in Musherib. I will need a studio or a 1 bed room at the most. Parking may be required. I do not know at this point whether it is worth buying a car. Hope I will be able rent something.

So how is life, grocery, weekends, security, general weather, work culture, power supply, tv programs, cell phone, banking etc.. etc.. Asked a lot of questions in one line. Sorry about that. Let's first start with a good place to rent...

Thanks in advance for all your help.

How are you managing so far, in a country with a very different standard of living? It must be hard.

Hi, I'm Carly. I am from near Seattle, Washington. I have accepted a teaching job in Khartoum. I have several friends who work at the school already, and I'm excited to get involved in the community there. I will be moving to Khartoum in August- but I'm so excited that I joined this community now!

welcome to Sudan Carly Morris...

Hallo , Sharmean Shahbaz  is my name. Indian by nationality and I am from India, west bengal city.Graduate from Calcutta university in india with a bachelor degree in eng hons  also I had certificate in human resources management.  I am married
I worked before in india as a teacher.Hobbies reading , writing stories and sharing views and excepting others right . Skills , computer , excellent public speaking , negiation .This is a few background about me.

Hello Everyone! Im Yolanda and Im planning to move to Khartoum to do an internship :) Im currently struggling to find accommodation so any help or suggestion is more than welcome!!!! I hope to meet you once I have moved!

Ntalaluka Rashid is my name currently living in Zanzibar, will be moving to Sudan in next two month.
I will be employed there, I want to know more about cost of living there in Khartum, will also need an arabic class there for me to interact with local community.

my email xxx

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Hello to every body on this forum, we are the family who is moving soon to Sudan.
Cause of this we would like to receive as many as possible information concerning the schooling of children age 7 -12 years.
Also if possible any information on accommodation/apartments, prices, which area of Khartoum are the safest etc.

Thanks to all who will reply in advance..

Best regards from Jovi and Svetlana

Hi , my names abdulla salem from sudan . Have been living & working in UAE. Came to sudan to expand my Network and Ideas.
Looking forward to meet and do business.
Feel free to contact me.

Hi I have just joined a humanitarian agency in Sudan. Overall I have 12 years of diverse experience working in South Sudan, UK, Australia and Pakistan. Happy to be part of the expat forum / community and look forward to a great association. Let me know if someone from Khartoum on this forum, and we can meet.

Hello everybody
Iam Faisal Taha, Sudanese nationality, and a doctor by profession. To be frank,  I don't know how I exactly ended up here!! But Iam glad I joined . Actually, trying to discover sites to advertise flats I will soon be offering for rent is what led me to this friendly site..
I work in KSA but now Iam in annual vacation in Khartoum. Will be back in Saudi Arabia by mid January. Iam not sure if this is the thread to advertise my flats, and would wellcome any guidance from admin.
Faisal Taha

Hello Guys!
My name is Hamid I am a Sudanese and British national, now settled in Sudan. I have been a Landlord for over 20 years in the U.K and Sudan. I now have brand new, high-quality apartments that are available for expats. Feel free to ask any questions!

Hi,Mr.Hamid,How are you! I hope you are doing well. I am Sudanese American live in US an accountant but not working for long time because I used to take care of my father who was sick for long time and died recently.I live in USA for long time and I left Sudan when I was 17 years ago.I am sending this message to know because you dont kook Sudanese you look like middle eastern people are you sure you are Sudanese? Just I am kiding with you.sorry if i am silly but always I se you post in expat. Can you tell me about yourself?also I need help from you if you could help me to relocate to UK and get British Nationality I can exchange with you the nationality if you dont mind you can cont me at : ***. I hopeto hear from you a good news soon.Thanks and God bless you

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Hello, My name is Maryam and I am a student currently residing in Saudi Arabia.
Due to the upcoming tax problems me along with my family are thinking of shifting to Sudan.

Thank you.

Hi! I am Lyn. I have only recently commenced work in Khartoum and will be mainly working in El Fasher once I (finally) get the documentation through. I am with UNOPS on this job.

I am from NZ but have been 'on the road' in expat terms, for about 30 years and across about the same number of countries. Mainly in the Pacific over the last 5 years but immediately before that, in the Yemen for about 8, off and on,  and Africa-Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Uganda, Bots,mainly.
Since we can't meet over a beer here, I am just keen to make contact with a few others who  are stationed  here.
Look forward to it!

Hi, I would like to visit the coasts of North Sudan, but how it is the situation there? This post is quite old. I was wondering if it is still safe.  :-)


Glad I found you all!! My boyfriend and I have the opportunity to come to Port Sudan and help grow a business situated about 30km to the north.
We are used to living overseas, having been based in indonesia for the past while, and we have some questions and concerns around making this move. Mostly around culture, safety and general quality of life.

We are very considerate of other cultures, but I know there’s a big difference between being considerate while visiting and living, so having never lived in an Arab country, I’m keen to understand how western women are perceived/treated, especially in the work place in respect of being managed by a western woman?

In terms of expat lifestyle, I’ve read that there are not that many things to do in Port Sudan, are there expat meet ups? Any insight about the general lifestyle would be appreciated!


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Hİ I am furkan. ı will go to Sudan next mounth

Do I have friends that may give help and I want to make trade between sudan and turkey?


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